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Ahiru no Sora Episode 46 Preview, and Spoilers

Ahiru no Sora

The second half of the match is about to start with Yokohama leading. Kuzu high needs 20 points to catch up with Yokohama. Sora is sitting outside wondering what he will do when the game continues. Yokohama player came where Sora is and he was throwing away ice cubes. Sora asked him not to throw them and he took them and eat them. Sora asked him if he is a freshman and if he is going to play today. He replied freshmen are assigned only to errands and cheering.

The freshmen from Yokohama are not allowed to play games until the game is left with few minutes.  Sora said #15 who has hairs like carrots is a freshman but he was playing and he replied that Fuwa is Yohioto’s prized player. Yokohama players are not allowed to say coach to Yohioto until they become the number 1 team in Japan. Sora notices that Yokohama’s player level is different form their level.

The match that will determine Kuzu’s future is on half time. Soon we will see if Kuzu will be able to make a comeback or if it is the end for them. In this post, we are going to talk about Ahiru no Sora Episode 46 preview, and recap. Take a look at what happens below.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 35 will be released on Wednesday, 3 September 2020, at 5:55 PM JST. New episodes are always released every Wednesday and also note that time in Japan is ahead by many hours, so by the time the episode is released, it might still be early on Wednesday in other Western countries.

Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora

Previously on Ahiru no Sora Episode 45

While Sora is about to leave Yokohama player asked him if he feels confident about the three-pointers he scored earlier. Sora replied yes and said he only needs 10 three-pointers to get to 30 points. That will make the game tied since it is 62:31 with Yokohama leading. Sora said he won’t give up just by that and Yokohama player is surprised thinking that Sora is an idiot as 30 points are too much.

Sora asked the guy that he was talking to his name he replied that he is Yozan Kamiki. Yozan hears Sora saying Kurumatani and he told him someone from Kurumatani’s family has taught him to play basketball. Sora asked if Yozan learn to play from his mother and Yozan replied by asking him to make it to the final eight. Yozan also said that they are going to face each other next year.

Sora replied that Yozan won’t play and Yozan promise Sora that he will play. The second half of the match has started within 30 seconds the freshman #15 Fuwa scores and make it 64 points. Things are getting bad for Sora and his team suddenly Sora thinks of something and he scores a three-pointer. His teachers are amazed by the skills he is using to lift up his team. The match still continues we will see if Sora will fulfill his promise.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 46 Preview

We end this post by all of the above latest updates of the upcoming episode. Just wait for a little longer, when the new episode is released we will bring another new update of this Anime. That’s all about the preview and the updates about Ahiru no Sora.