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Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom First Look, and Cast

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom will release on 18th December 2020
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom First Look update

Ever since the Chadwick Boseman’s news came, things have been very emotional for all of his fans globally. His legacy will always live ‘strong,’ and his iconic character Black Panther will forever remain in our hearts. In these challenging times, Netflix came forward as the hero by providing the first look at Chadwick’s final film Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

Directed by George C. Wolfe, the upcoming eye-opening drama film sheds light on the  injustice and exploitation of black performers in the 1920s. Chadwick is a crucial part of the film, and he gave his all in his performance despite battling cancer.

His co-stars acknowledge his resilience, sheer will power, and the passion that he had towards his work. The director heaped praise for him as he described his working experience with Chadwick Boseman ‘glorious.’ During a preview event, he revealed that all of them witnessed Boseman’s ‘ferocious talent,’ ‘gentleness of heart,’ which adds up to his other talents and skills.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Plot

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom First Look

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom First Look

The movie is inspired by August Wilson’s play of the same name, and the story takes us back to the 1920s. The overall atmosphere wasn’t too friendly between the black and the white community back then, and this movie showcases the struggle of one such black performer who fights for her rights.

The movie showcases the trailblazing Ma Rainey (Mother of the Blues) and a band of musicians. The musicians await the arrival of Ma Rainey as tension rose in the recording studio. Being a fearless personality, Ma Rainey goes toe-to-toe with her white managers to gain full control over her music. Meanwhile, Leeve, an ambitious trumpeter, wants to have his own ‘claim’ on the industry, thereby inducing his fellow mates with all kinds of stories and lies, which will ultimately have an immense impact on their lives down the line.

Finally, Netflix has unveiled the movie’s images, and fans are delighted to have a first look at Chadwick Boseman’s last film. You can check the photos below to get an idea of the film.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’s production started on 8th July 2019 in Pittsburg, and it continued till 16th August 2019. Chadwick Bose was an integral part of the movie; however, during the film’s post-production, the heartbreaking news came.

This movie is going to be an emotional ride, as you will be watching everyone’s beloved ‘Black Panther’ for the last time in action.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and Cast

The cast of Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom includes the 2008’s Doubt actress Viola Davis, and she will play Ma Rainey. Davis revealed about the time when they were shooting.

According to her, Chadwick would get so tired, but his fantastic team was always there with him ‘infusing’ in him to work at his optimal level. Davis also added that Boseman’s character Leeve represents many black people in the present age trying to navigate through life, heal from past events, and make a name for themselves.

Then, we have our very own Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman as Leeve. Glynn Russell Turman from HBO’s The Wire is also on board along with Colman Domingo (plays Victor Strand in AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead). Fans will see them as Toledo and Cutler. Other actors include Michael Potts (Slow Drag), Taylour Paige (Dussie Mae), Jonny Coyne (Sturdyvant), Jeremy Shamos (Irvin), and Dusan Brown (Sylvester).

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom will arrive on 18th December 2020, and you will be able to watch it on Netflix.