TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Episode 4 Latest News

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TONIKAWA Over The Moon For You

The story of lovers who just recently got married a couple of days ago still continues where Nasa has failed to spend his night with his wife.  In the morning Nasa saw her wife wearing an apron and he said she looks like someone’s wife. Tsukasa replied that yes I am your wife and he gets excited saying that it is true we are married. Sometimes later Nasa brags about making a perfect breakfast and he explains how he makes it using his scientific research.

Tsukasa told him that he will show him how to make a real breakfast in ten minutes and she did. Nasa is just surprised to see different dishes in front of him. Nasa tasted all the dishes and praise his wife that she is a real chef she like a queen who has just conquered the world. Tsukasa replied that she is pleased that her darling like her cooking. Nasa said that she is quite a cook after finishing eating Tsukasa reminds Nasa about going to the bathhouse that opens early.

TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Episode 4 Recap

TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Episode 4 will be released on Saturday, 24 October 2020, at 1:05 AM JST. Watch out for the spoilers of the upcoming episode when you proceed. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Saturday. You can watch this Anime officially on  Crunchyroll. Take a look at the recap and preview down here.

TONIKAWA Over The Moon For You
TONIKAWA Over The Moon For You

Previously on TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Episode 3

Nasa decided that they must go now thinking that he wants to see how she looks like when she is fresh out of the bath. They went to the shop and buy all materials they need to use and then head to the bathhouse. At the entrance, they met with Kaname who is surprised that Nasa is with a girl. She knows that Nasa was not that interested in girls and she asked if Tsukasa is her girlfriend.  She also said that she thought he studied to the point that his libido withered away.

When Nasa tries to say that he has a libido she accuses him that he is a perv. Nasa then reveals that Tsukasa is her wife they just got married yesterday. Kaname said that she will give them a gift for entering the bathhouse for free and she told Tsukasa to get inside. Nasa wanted to get in for free she said that was for Tsukasa only as a man he must pay. She asks him if he has already told Ayanee about his wedding and he replied no.

She told him that it is fine they can keep Ayanee in dark and she gave him advice about how he should treat Tsukasa as his new wife. Tsukasa came outside asking for the bag that she has forgotten. Nasa shouts in front of everyone that she loves Tsukasa. Tsukasa gets inside saying that he like it even when he shouts like that and they both went in. They went to their separated place and start enjoying bathing. Nasa is naked walking around thinking about Tsukasa while his door is opened and Kaname show ups.

She looks and him and he jumps inside the water he tries to hide. Kaname said that when he hides he is making it smaller and Nasa got angry thinking something else. Kaname said she is talking about his head later they met with Ayanee who thinks that they are just family and Tsukasa is Nasa’s sister. Aya left and Tsukasa is disappointed that Nasa didn’t tell the truth to Aya about them. She got jealous when Nasa is praising Aya and later Nasa thought that she wants him to propose.

TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You Episode 4 Preview

With those latest updates about the upcoming episode of this Anime, we end it here today. Next week Saturday we hit again with another latest updates.

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