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Death Stranding Launch Trailer Revealed A Lot Of Story Details

Death Stranding Launch Trailer
Death Stranding

The latest trailer for Death Stranding was released recently and that trailer clears what the story for the game is going to be like. As many of you know that Death Stranding’s story was shrouded I mystery from the very beginning. There are a lot of trailers for it but none of them explains what the game will be about until now. The launching trailer for the game was first Livestreamed on the Twitch channel of Kojima Productions. After that, it arrived on the official channels of PlayStation.

Spoilers ahead. Continue at your own risk

Let’s now talk about the trailer, in the trailer we see that Sam’s mission is to rebuild America and complete what was started by a character named Emily. Sam can do so by activating the terminals that are located in the west which will then help in reconnecting their isolated world. We also got to see some new “Catchers” in the trailer and also a confrontation between Norman Reedus and Troy Baker which is quite intense. The amazing environment of the game is shown which looks awesome.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding (Credits: Kojima Productions)

There is a breathtaking shot of Norman Reedus and Lindsay Wagner which you can see above. There is also a flying whale seen in the trailer which looks to me like one of the main bose fights. In the end, we see the same beach we saw in the first trailer and there are some things floating above it. Moreover, Nicolas Winding Refn talked about five entities that brought the world’s extinction which I think are the same entities we see on the beach and the sixth one been Emily herself.

Furthermore, we are shown a giant that is on the beach and with Emily voicing over and saying that America is a lie. In the end we see Lea Seydoux teleporting Sam somewhere that is unknown. This is what I was able to figure out from the launch trailer of Death Stranding. Tell me your opinion on what things you figured out in the trailer in the comment section down below.

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