Sweet Home Sextuplets

TLC is no stranger to TV Shows that are based on particular families, which the network believes will be of interest to the viewers. There are numerous programs like these family-centered structures like ‘Seeking Sister Wife,‘ ‘Sister Wives,‘ ’19 Kids and Counting’, and the critically acclaimed ‘I Am Jazz.‘ The Sweet Home Sextuplets show recently started airing, and it is a popular show on the network. Moreover, since it aired on the network, it has an increasing number of fans.

The cast consist of the proud parents, Eric and Courtney Waldrop, their three elder sons, Saylor, Wales, and Bridge, and of course: the eponymous fraternal sextuplets too. The six children, three boys, and three girls are Blu, Layke, Tag, Rawlings, Rayne, and Rivers, which are named after the dominant colors of a rainbow. The main cast will be returning, and the challenge will now lie in bringing up all of these kids under the same roof and is bound to present some interesting scenarios.

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In this show, it is a reality television show which focuses on multiple fraternal babies and their families, such as ‘Overdaughtered,’ which documents the life of the Busby family as they give birth to quintuplets, sextuplets are a different story altogether. As of writing this, TLC hasn’t renewed for a third season or canceled Sweet Home Sextuplets. We might get some news about it soon from TLC, whether they have canceled or renewed it.

But I don’t think the show will be canceled as it has made a lot of fan base over past years and is very popular, which makes its cancellation even more pointless. But if it does come back, then I think Sweet Home Sextuplets Season 3 will return in May of 2020.