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Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland Reunites In The Weirdest Way Possible On Dolittle Poster

RDJ in Dolittle

Dolittle, which is going to get released next year, will bring with it a reunion of Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland in an absurd way. Both the characters are well known for their roles in the Marvel movies as Tony Stark and Peter Parker. We cannot forget how much heartbroken we were when the two characters got separated by death in Avengers: Infinity Wars. The real-life relationship between the two is also very strong, and they wouldn’t mind working together again.

The plot

Dolittle is adapted from the classic literary character Dr. John Dolittle. In the movie, Downey has the talent of speaking to animals. He embarks on a mission to save the queen by finding a cure for her in a mystical Island. This helps him to overcome the sorrow with the help of animals.

The long list of voice actors

The character posters tell a lot about the huge number of voice actors that had been hired. Holland is given the job to voice for a dog named Jip. Chee-Chee, the gorilla, has been voiced by Rami Malek. Emma Thomson gave her voice to Polynesia, the parrot. Octavia Spencer lends her voice to Dab-Dab the duck. The other voice actors include Kumail Nanjiani (as Plimpton, the ostrich), Ralph Fiennes (Barry the tiger) and John Cena(Yoshi the polar bear)

Other Star-cast

Downey gets the company of other Star actors such as Marion Cotillard, Selena Gomez, and Craig Robinson. This is the first post-Marvel movie for Robert Downey Jr, and his last non-Marvel movie was released in 2014. It won’t be having action like Avengers but will still give a thrill to the fans.


There is not much time left for the release, so we hope the promotion will begin in no time. The posters released recently have promoted the movie and will interest the audience. Downey can also draw audiences as people still miss him after Tony stark died. We will have to wait and see how much of the crowd can the movie attract by its promotion in the last two months.