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IID Acquires Animedia & Its Sister Magazines

From left to right: The covers of Animedia, Seiyu Animedia, and Megami Magazine

IID, a Japanese company that runs a number of websites, has announced that it has acquired Animedia and its sister magazines. Animedia is a monthly anime magazine, which was launched back in 1981.

Along with Animedia, its sister magazines Seiyu Animedia and Megami Magazine, have also been acquired by IID. Seiyu Animedia, as the name suggests, focuses on voice acting topics, while Megami Magazine focuses on anime targeted for the male demographic.

Animedia magazine aims to be a comprehensive monthly guide on all things anime – with in-depth articles, information on currently airing seasonal anime to upcoming releases, and other content, including interviews with voice actors and creators from the industry. The magazine also comes bundled with limited edition merch, which includes goods like posters, calendars, etc.

Similarly, Seiyu Animedia provides information on the voice-acting side of things, and Megami Magazine covers anime media that is targeted toward males.

According to ANN, IID has said in a statement that it will “take its service to the anime industry to the next level, and will continue to be driven by media-focused business.” The company is looking into expanding into other sectors like production, streaming, voice acting, etc. and the acquisition of Animedia magazine is a part of this plan. The company is aiming for content development in “5G Era”.

IID previously acquired Anime! Anime! and it’s sister site that focuses on the business side of things, Anime! Anime! Biz back in 2012 as the company started working on anime media.

IID has also partnered with Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. and bitFlyer Blockchain, Inc. to work on web media specializing in anime. The company has also launched Tokyo Honyaku Quest, a fan-translation crowdsourcing platform that makes use of the blockchain technology, as well as an English version of Anime! Anime! called Anime Anime Global, which uses the aforementioned translation process.