Dorohedoro Plot, Characters And All We Know So Far

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Anime shows are famous for their weird, imaginative tales, and fans do like the theme of creepiness. However, Dorohedro has taken things to a new level and takes the fans to the world of dark humor and violence. The manga version has performed really well, and now it’s time for the show.

We are still not sure if it will be the same as the manga version or will have a twist in the plot. It has reflected the potential to perform well just like the manga version and hence seems very optimistic.

Dorohedoro update

The show has been adapted from Hayashinda’s Manga that has the same name. It falls in the sci-fi and horror genre and is animated by Mappa studio. The announcement of thewas made recently, and the date is 13 January 2020.

Other details, such as the run time, are not known yet. However, it will be like a series and not a movie and will consist of 23 volumes. The release of the English dub version has not been announced, but it will be available on Netflix with English subtitles.

Dorohedoro Still

Dorohedoro Storyline

The theme of the show is very dark and grim. The world show is far from what we can expect the real world to look like. Elite magic users have taken control over the land, and those who are below them are used by then as peasants. They are out there to misuse their magical abilities while the poor have been left helpless.

Kaiman is the character who hunts the magicians with a reptile head. He hopes the magic will restore his standard human form and despises his looks. The show, with its dark setting, also brings hope in the form of some dark humor, and the plot revolves around disturbing themes like death.

Dorohedoro Characters

The main protagonist is Kaiman, who has been left with a reptile attack after a magic attack. He wants to take revenge from the magician who did this, and in the mission, he kills every magician he meets. His face is odd, but the body is muscular with spikes on the head and small black irises in the eyes.

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