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One Piece 930 Raw / Scan update Confirmed

One Piece Chapter 930 update

One Piece manga officially resumed this week, and now, we have a very difficult time ahead of ourselves, because once again, the manga is on a break next week. If you read the scans, you may remember reading the chapter last week, because the scans leaked a week early. However, the official release was on 7th January. In the upcoming week, One Piece will be on a break.

So, when exactly will the manga return? What will happen in the upcoming chapter of One Piece? Let’s discuss that in this post. One Piece Chapter 930 will likely see us going back to Flower Capital. Towards the end of Chapter 929, we saw Law and Sanji getting ready to fight against Page One and X Drake. They’re there to kill Sanji for hurting the Kyoushiro family. However, taking down Sanji will definitely not be easy for them.

One Piece Chapter 930 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 930 – X Drake

We also saw Basil Hawkins in the previous chapter, and he said he was looking for someone. So who could he be looking for? Could it be that he’s searching for Zoro, or the thief who is with Zoro? It is definitely possible.

I think we will see Sanji take on Page One in a battle, and at the same time, Trafalgar Law will clash against Drake. Drake is a very strong foe for Law, so if they go all out, it’ll be interesting to see who wins the fight. At the same time, Sanji’s fight against Page One will be hard as well because Page One is one of the six strongest Headliners of Kaidou, and having a Spinosaurus Devil Fruit means that there aren’t much better than him.

Basil Hawkins will likely come across Zoro and ask for the thief. However, Roronoa Zoro will step in to protect the thief, and they will begin fighting as well. We will also see Luffy in prison, in my opinion, and they will now be trying to break free.

In order for Kanjuro to get the keys, they might need to create havoc there, and that’s probably how they will break free. I hope we find the identity of the guy sitting in the prison cell at Wano because it is high time that we find out what role he will have to play at Wano Country.

One Piece 930 will come out on January 21, 2019. It is likely that the manga will be on a break after chapter 929. For now, the update for One Piece 930 is January 21, 2019, and we will get the scans on January 18.

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