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‘My Hero Academia’ Chapter 219: The Children Of Destro

My Hero Academia Chapter 219 Read Online

My Hero Academia Chapter 219 drops this week, and we’re at the start of something really special here, it seems. In the previous chapter, we got to see the story if Destro. Some of you may remember Destro being mentioned by Gentle as one of the biggest Villains ever. He was the leader of the Quirk Liberation Army, and he wanted to ensure the free usage of Quirks and get rid of all the regulations.

Of course, he was defeated and arrested. He wrote his ideas down in prison and made sure to publish them before he died. Nobody knew that he had children and they’re now leading the Quirk Liberation Army instead of him. We’re not heading closer to the next chapter of My Hero Academia, and the spoilers are out already.

My Hero Academia Chapter 219 update

Giran and Toga from My Hero Academia

Towards the end of the previous chapter, we finally saw Bakugo and Todoroki getting their Hero licenses and they’re letting lose already, stopping a villain who is on the prowl and is connected to the Quirk Liberation Army. As I predicted earlier, he will be stopped by Bakugo and Todoroki and will be questioned about who he is connected to and what their goal is.

This will basically serve as a gateway for the Heroes to get involved in the mess between the League of Villains and the Quirk Liberation Army. What’s more, the Quirk Liberation Army seems to have caught Giran of the League of Villains, and they’ll certainly try to get some info out of him.

We will also see a League of Villains flashback, likely through Giran and find out what the meeting with Giganto was all about a month ago. The spoilers look interesting, but there will definitely be more in the actual chapter.

My Hero Academia Chapter 219 drops on March 11, 2019. The scans will be out on March 08, 2019.