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Noragami Season 3 Plot Details, and Manga

Noragami Season 3

In this post, we are going to talk about the Noragami season 3 details. Noragami season 2 ended with a huge cliffhanger, and the fans were anxiously waiting for another season. The show is based on Japanese manga Noragami Aragoto by Adachitoka, which was initially released in 2011. Afterward, the story was depicted as an anime series with the first season being released in January 2014.

The story was continued as an anime series with a second season which released in October 2015. After the second season completed, there was no information available about the anime series whatsoever. One of the main reasons was that there was not enough story to continue the anime series, and that is what kept the fans waiting for roughly three years and still counting.

So, what will happen to the show? Will it ever get another season? Will the show answer all the question raises by the end of the second season? Well, there are no confirmed details available on whether the show will continue for another season or not. But still, we have good news for the fans, as we are now positive that the show would get another season.

Noragami Season 3 update

Noragami Season 3 was expected to arrive towards the end of 2019. We’re told that the manga now has enough content for a continuation. It is just a matter of when and not if with the return of the series now. Earlier, we were told that the show would return in 2018, but that certainly didn’t happen. So, we are now expecting Noragami season 3 to release by the end of 2020.

The 18th volume of Noragami Aragoto manga, which was released in August last year. The 18th volume comprises chapters 72 to 75, which will have enough content to create a season. Another good news is that the manga will publish the 19th volume on 5 February 2019, which will provide more content for the anime series. Now as we are in 2020, 21 volumes of Noragami manga are out, enough content for at least 2-3 seasons.

With that being said, fans would be having another ray of hope in their mind, as their favorite show is supposed to return soon if the makers decide. We already know that the only hurdle coming in the way was content, which has now been solved. Which means, there are higher chances of Noragami season 3. If the show will start work soon, there is a possibility that the anime series would return in 2020!

Noragami Season 3 Plot

From what we’re told, Yato’s father will be pivotal to the story in the next season. Yato’s relationship with his father hasn’t exactly been the best, and to explore it means there is definitely going to be some change in its dynamics in Noragami Season 3.

We are waiting for some official news about the show, some more expected plot details are coming out. We have to admit that the fans are very excited for the anime show and that is why they do not miss to catch up to any single new development of the show. Recently, it was also revealed that the next season will feature more about who is Yato and his unexplored past.

Not just that, there will be more focus on his journey to achieve his ambition to be the ‘God of Fortune.’ Theis still unannounced, but we expect it to release in the early half of 2020, although 2019 is not off the game. The manga series has enough content now to produce an Anime season, so I think that it is supposed to happen very soon!

While a lot of people are talking about another season, and also there are sites making assumptions and rumors, we have not found a single solid proof of anything related to season 3. Currently, the Noragami manga stands at 21 volumes, and the series has a lot of content, but there is still nothing confirmed officially. That is disappointing as the fans have been waiting for the anime for years.