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One Piece Manga: A Yonko Might Help Luffy Escape From The Prison

One Piece Chapter 937 Raws

One Piece Chapter 937 is expected to be much more than just a build-up chapter. The past few chapters haven’t had major actions scenes. Rather, Oda focused on setting up a lot of things that could be significant in the future of the series. In the previous chapter, we saw the whole Bath House sequence play out, and as it turns out, Kaido’s forces now know that the Germa 66 members and the Strawhat Pirates are alive.

Meanwhile, Zoro is fighting the guy who stole his swords. Kawamatsu asked Raizo to help him break free. Luffy is fighting in the inferno sumo, and he’s begun the competition with a blast of Conqueror’s Haki! The next chapter is going to be very exciting, and I’m very hyped about it. Let’s discuss One Piece Chapter 937 is going to come out soon enough and we’ll be discussing that down in this post.

One Piece Chapter 937 update

Charlotte Linlin from One Piece

In the next chapter, I think we’ll see Big Mom arrive at the Udon Prison. Luffy has gotten stronger now, but he certainly isn’t at full strength. He may be able to last there in the competition, but I don’t think that in his current state he can fight properly.

Big Mom will have to come to his rescue, and when she does, it’ll spell trouble for Queen. More importantly, Luffy and Hyou need to get their collars off somehow. Will the technique that Rayleigh used come into play? Or will we just see them being removed in some other way?

One Piece Chapter 937 could drop early, according to our sources. If true, then we will be treated with spoilers tomorrow, and the official chapter may drop a day earlier than usual. One Piece Chapter 937 will be out next week. The officialof the chapter is 25 March 2019. The scans will be out by 22 March 2019.