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Detective Comics 1000: Batman’s The Villain -And Details

The latest Arkham Knight comic book version isn’t something that you as readers expected to see as villain’s video game namesake, the mystery of his helmeted guy on the cover thrills one and all. Detective Comics #1000 has a mysterious story spinning out of it. This story will run through issue #1005.

So in Arkham Knight, whosoever it will be, Batman looks like he is “most definitely” a villain. Peter Tomasi, the writer, said that Batman as a villain comes from the perspective of Arkham Knight. In his eyes, Batman is a dark black hole looming over Gotham, and it is he who continues to suck the life energy out of it. Tomasi further spoke about examining Arkham Knight and the perspectives behind it, that in Arkham Knight, Batman for sure is a villain.

So the next issue, according to Tomasi will be dealing with the origin of Arkham Knight, which gets “a lot of real estate” in the six part of the story. Tomasi and artist Doug Mahnke will have to look into the spectacular moments of Batman’s life to indeed prove that he’s been a villain.

Detective Comics #1000 will hit stands on March 27, 2019. So one has to be ready for such a different issue this time. Tomasi has spoken about going to the whole Nth degree to prove this perspective. It certainly looks like showing Batman’s villainous side won’t be a cakewalk at all. More as we have on #1000.