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The Chosen Season 2 Cast And New Update

The Chosen
The Chosen Poster

The Chosen is the television drama that holds the record for the highest crowdfunded television series. The story mainly focuses on the life of Jesus Christ and the struggles he faces. The first sequel of the series gained a positive response from the critics. Based on the popularity and feedback from the fans, it is expected that the production might start progress. There are already rumors that started speculating regarding season 2. The Chosen season 2, as many might have come across those rumors speculating in the social media.

In this article, we’re going to discuss The Chosen season 2 cast, trailer, and everything you need to know about. The amount collected for producing the series created was a lot more than expected for a television drama. It’s expected that season 2 will also be produced using crowdfunding. So far, there no official information about the budget of season 2.

The Chosen was directed and created by Dallas Jenkin. The first season of the series consists of 8 episodes. It was said during the launch of the first season that the series contains multiple seasons to explain the life story of Jesus. Also, the first season of the television series has performed quite well-earning profit for the production and investors.

The first part of the series made its debut in 2017 and gained much attention from the viewers. It was previously announced that the series would have eight seasons. The series received good commands and feedback. IMDB rating of the television series is 9.9/10 and rotten tomatoes, providing 99%, which is a decent rating for a crowdfunded series.

The Chosen Season 2 update

The update of The Chosen season 2 hasn’t confirmed yet. It’s expected that the shooting might start progress. Due to the increase in the popularity and positive response from the viewers, it’s expected that the production will make its plans for another season. As for now, there’s no official confirmation. There might be a slight delay in the shooting progress due to the outbreak of a pandemic. However well update you once officially announcement drops.

The Chosen Season 2 Cast

The cast includes in the Season 2 hasn’t been officially announced yet, It’s expected that the season 2 also contains the same crew. We provide cast information based on the first sequel

  • Jonathan Roumie as Jesus of Nazareth
  • Shahar Isaac as Simon Peter
  • Noah James as Andrew the Apostle
  • Paras Patel as Matthew the Apostle
  • George Xanthis as John the Apostle
  • Erick Avari as Nicodemus
  • Nick Shakoour as Zebedee
  • Lara Silva as Eden
  • Elizabeth Tabish as Lilith/Mary Magdalene

Recap of The Chosen

The first sequel of The Chosen was titled as “The Shepard.” The series became a huge hit becoming one of the highest crowdfunded series ever. There were many copyright request from the big shots from the entertainment industry approached the production. The series explained the life history of Jesus starting from his birth and the struggles he faced while preaching good things. The motive to take forward the life story of Jesus was widely recognized around the globe, making the series quite profitable. The entertainment industry needs to bring devotional stories to the outer world in a dramatic way.