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FFXIV Shadowbringers – Everything We Know So Far

FFXIV Shadowbringers update
FFXIV Shadowbringers

Final Fantasy fans are patiently awaiting the release of the latest expansion of the game. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers had previously revealed a few details about the expansion, which would be released later this year. Back at the fan festival of the game, which was held in Paris, there was an announcement which stated that Naoki Yoshida (the producer of the game) had some crucial information about the game. Naoki Yoshida later revealed theof Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers.

If you are interested in getting the game, then I must admit that you will have to wait for a few more months before you can get your hands on the game. The expansion will be released on July 2, 2019. The pre-orders for the game began pretty early. It started on February 6. For those of you who have pre-ordered the game, you will be able to participate in the early access to the expansion. The early access for Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers will begin on June 28.

The fans of the franchise will be excited to play the expansion when it comes out. The expansion will bring a new class in Shadowbringers, and it is called Gunbreaker. The class will start at level 60 in Gridania. But, it is expected that it might change before the expansion is released.

The expansion will also let you play as a character from the Viera race. It is a race from Final Fantasy XII. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers was announced quite a while back in November 2018.