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How Many Location Options Are in Fortnite? All Details

how many location options are in fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most famous games of the current generation. It is indeed pretty great to play, and it seems a lot of fun. In this latest post, I am going to share with you how many locations options are in Fortnite game and, in addition, some other vital information as well. Also, spoilers regarding Fortnite are embedded in this post, and this is a quick spoiler warning for all of you who don’t like spoiler content. Without delaying the post any more, let us begin discussing the topic.

Epic Games had developed this game for almost all the available platforms there are like Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. The game was first launched in 2017. There are three different game modes of Fortnite that we get to see. These are Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative.

The game had also backed some awards in the recent years like People’s Voice Award for Best Multiplayer/Competitive Game in 2018 Webby Awards, Best Ongoing Game in Game Critics Awards 2018, Choice Videogame in Teen Choice Awards 2018, Best Game (Fortnite Battle Royale) in BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards 2018, Best Competitive Game & Ultimate Game of the Year in Golden Joystick Awards 2018, Best Multiplayer Game & Best Ongoing Game in The Game Awards 2018.

Fan Favorite Multiplayer Game, Fan Favorite Multiplayer Game, Fan Favorite eSports Game, Fan Favorite Battle Royale Game, Fan Favorite eSports League Format (Community Skirmishes) all in Gamers’ Choice Awards 2018. Furthermore, the list of awards keeps increasing.

How Many Location Options Are in Fortnite?

Now, let us get into our main topic about how many locations are in the game? In Fortnite Battle Royale, you can find about a lot of different locations. I will share and discuss with you all of these locations with some details below, so don’t worry all the information you need regarding the locations of Fortnite will be in here only. On top of these locations, the are 29 unlisted locations in the game as well I’ll share that list with you as well.

Locations in Chapter 1 – Athena is:

  • Haunted Hills: This is one of the popular locations.
  • Block aka Risky Reels & Motel: Popularity of this one is moderate, and the number of chests is random.
  • Loot Lake, aka Leaky Lake: There is a random number of chests in this one, and popularity is on the higher side as well.
  • Pleasant Park: There are 20 chests in it, and popularity is pretty high as well.
  • Snobby Shores: The popularity of this one is low, chests are 15.
  • Gotham City: The popularity of this one is pretty high and has 31 chests in total.
  • Starry Suburbs: The popularity of this one is low, and chests are 7 in total.
  • Happy Hamlet: Popularity of this one is low, and chests involved are 33.
  • Polar Peak: Popularity is low, and total chests are 16.
  • Frosty Flights: Popularity is low, and a total of chests are 23.
  • Lucky Landing: It has 13 chests, and its popularity is pretty low.
  • Shifty Shafts: Popularity of this one is moderate and has nine chests
  • Fatal Fields: The popularity of this one is moderate, and there are 18 chests.
  • Moisty Palms: Popularity of this one is moderate, and there are are 25 chests.
  • Retail Row: Its popularity is pretty high, has 35 chests.
  • Salty Springs: There are a total of 12 chests.
  • Dusty Depot: Popularity of this one is also in mod range, and there are a total of 7 chests.
  • Lazy Lagoon: It is moderately popular and has 24 chests.
  • Lonely Lodge: Its popularity is very low, chests 13 are in it.
  • Sunny Steps: It isn’t that popular has 15 chests.
  • Pressure Plant: It is moderately popular, it has 18 chests and a lot of lava vents.

Locations in Chapter 2 – Apollo:

  • Sweaty Sands: It is not that famous, has 34 chests and take note there is an underground base in this place as well.
  • Pleasant Park: It is moderately popular, has 19 chests, and also has an underground base.
  • The Shark: It is highly popular, chests are unknown. One has to kill Skye to get her special rifle and grappler.
  • Slurpy Swamp: It is popular as well, has 17 chests, and contains means of regeneration.
    The Rig: It isn’t that popular, it contains a Boom Bow.
  • Misty Meadows: It is not that popular, has 34 chests, and has a base.
  • Retail Row: It is not that popular, has 19 chests, and nothing special but some ghosts in there.
  • The Grotto: It is also unfamiliar, it has 14 chests and has a minigun available in it.
  • Frenzy Farm: It is a highly popular location, has 22 chests, and one can hide in cornfields.
  • Steamy Stacks: It is also a lowly rated location. You can launch yourself in the air using reactors in it.
  • The Yacht: It is moderately popular, has 11 chests, and contains Mythic Peow Peow Rifle.
  • The Agency, aka Eye Land: It is very popular and contains Mythic Drum Gun.

Other unlisted locations are:

  • Broken Family
  • Rocky Umbrella
  • Motel
  • The Llama
  • Sports Field
  • Haunted House
  • Grandmother Tree
  • Yonder Yard
  • Chair Family
  • Hilled House (Fatal Hill)
  • Race Track
  • Prison
  • Trailer Park
  • Junkyard
  • Loot Mountain
  • Secret Mountain Bridge
  • The Crab
  • The Fox
  • Loot Circle
  • Factory Near Junk Junction
  • Shipment Yard
  • Chest Hill
  • Soccer Stadium
  • Hovering Islands
  • Floating Island
  • Volcano
  • Westworld
  • Pandora
  • Tomato Temple