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Mindhunter Season 2 – Exclusive Spoilers

Mindhunter Season 2

In this post, we are going to talk about Mindhunter season 2 cast, and updates. As we know, the show premiered in 2017 and became a hit ever since. Police procedural dramas are ubiquitous nowadays, and that is what makes it hard to gain attention. However, this show managed to get attention even though it hailed from Netflix which has a tremendous range of shows.

However, it is not wholely police procedural drama as it is more concerned with criminal activities and FBI, as well as psychological aspects of crimes. It has turned the tables when it comes to the storyline as it is more focused on the mentality of criminals and using it to solve the cases. Behavioral Science Unit is what they call it, and the name defines what the department does!

The first season was released in October 2017, and it consisted of 10 episodes. Afterward, fans binge-watched the show as Netflix releases all the episodes together. After completing the first season, fans were excited to know more about the future of the show. The show was renewed in November 2017 for the second season, and that is when fans had a bit of relaxation as it was good to see the show getting a renewal in just a month after it released.

Nevertheless, the show is supposed to return, but when? Well, there is no specificavailable about the second season. It has been more than a year since the show was renewed and we are still unaware of the update. Nonetheless, we have exclusive information about the next season as it has been confirmed that the second season will have eight episodes.

Additionally, the show will also have a different focus as the first season was based in 1977, but the second season will be situated in 1979-1981. The second season will be about Atlanta Murders which were committed in the mentioned period! Major cast of the show is supposed to return so that we will see the magic of the first season again!

Moreover, we will see Damon Herriman joining the cast as Charles Manson. Also, who can forget Ed Kemper (Cameron Britton), the serial killer who hugged Ford. It has been confirmed that Ed Kemper is based on a real-life serial killer Dennis Rader, who is also infamous as BTK Killer. McCallany also hinted at Vulture Festival that we might see more of him!

Updated on April 2, 2019:

The cast for the upcoming season has now been confirmed, and we are told that Jonathan Groff (Holden Ford), Holt McCallany (Bill Tench), and Anna Torv (Dr. Wendy Carr) all going to return for the next season.

Along with that, reports suggest that the Atlanta child murders plot will be now officially featured in the next season of the show. This has been teased and talked about quite a lot over the course of the last year, and we now have confirmation that it is indeed going to happen.

We’re also told that’s next season of the show won’t have 10 episodes. Rather, it’s going to have only eight. Disappointing as that may be, we’re still looking forward to the next season of the show and we hope you are too!

Recently, we are seeing a lot of rumors and many have been believing them true. Everything started when a reddit user claimed that he knows update. Well, he claimed that he had a conversation with Holt McCallany, who plays Bill Tench in the show, and that he told the second season would not return before Fall 2019.

The leak also contained a screenshot suggesting the same, but it could be photoshopped. We are not directly denying anything but Netflix also assured that the leak is fake. However, Fall 2019 seems to be partial right, although we are still awaiting an official update.

Updated on April 23, 2019:

Fans are extremely hyped for the Atlanta child murders plot to finally be featured on the show, and that will likely be the peak of the show when it returns, but there’s more. It is believed that some of the remaining killers that will feature are Elmer Wayne Henley, William Pierce, William Henry Hance, and Paul Bateson. We think they deserve more light to be shed on their cases.

Along with them, it is possible that others killers that will feature on the show are going to include the likes of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and Patrick Kearney. We’re certainly looking forward to it. Are you?