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Medici Season 3 – Medici The Magnificent Part 2 Released On Netflix – Cast Details

Medici Season 3 Casts
Medici Season 3 Casts

The Italian-British historical drama Medici produced by Frank Spotnitz and Nicholas Meyer is all set to return with its Season 3 on Netflix and In this article, we will discuss all the updates we have so far about the upcoming Season of Medici. So here is everything you need to know. 

The first season of Medici: Masters of Florence, is set in 1429 when Giovanni de’ Medici: The head of the family dies. And his son Cosimo de Medici replaces him as the director of the family bank. The bank is considered one of the richest banks of Europe at that time and strives to maintain his authority in Florence. The second season of Medici was titled Medici: The Magnificent which is set in exactly 20 years later and reveals the tale of Cosimo’s grandson Lorenzo de Medici ( Also Known as The Magnificent). And The third season of Medici which follows the tale of Lorenzo will be released Soon. 

What can we expect in the Third Season of Medici?

Season 3 was renewed just after Season 2 aired and it is said to be the conclusion of the Show. The show will startup from where Season 2 ended. Lorenzo must fight off the military Alliance of the Pontifical States and the Kingdom of Naples if he has any concern about Saving Florence from the hands of Girolamo Riario.

Medici Season 3 Netflix

Medici Season 3 Netflix

The show has been widely popular and has been broadcasted over 190 countries including from The US, UK, India, and Canada. And It has been widely popular among fans. The show has over 8 million viewers which itself speaks highly about the show. Though some of the critics have criticized its historical inaccuracies but other than that the show has performed well and has attracted a lot of viewers. The Season of Medici will be last Season. 

Medici : The Magnificent Part 2

Medici: The Magnificent Part 2


Medici Season 3: update & Cast

The third season of Medici was released on Netflix on Friday the 1st of May Of 2020. The third season holds a total of 8 episodes. You can stream all the previous and the recent ones exclusively from Netflix.

The Third season of Medici Consists of the following star cast.

Medici Season 3 Casts

Medici Season 3 Casts

  • Daniel Sharman as Lorenzo the Magnificent
  • Richard Madden as Cosimo de’ Medici
  • Stuart Martin as Lorenzo de’ Medici
  •  Bradley James as Giuliano de’ Medici
  •  Sarah Parish as Lucrezia Tornabuoni
  • Alessandra Mastronardi as Lucrezia Donati
  • Julian Sands as Piero de’ Medici.
  • Synnove Karlsen as Clarice Orsini
  •  Aurora Ruffino as Bianca de’ Medici
  • John Lynch as Pope Sixtus IV
  • Francesco Montanari as Girolamo Savonarola
  •  Johnny Harris as Bruno Bernardi
  • Sebastian de Souza as Sandro Botticelli
  • Callum Blake as Carlo de’ Medici
  • Jack Roth as Girolamo Riario
  • Marius Bizau as younger Girolamo Riario
  •  Toby Regbo as Tommaso Peruzzi.
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