My Hero Academia Season 4 has been gathering a lot of momentum lately, and as expected, we got a new trailer for the upcoming season. Fans were expecting My Hero Academia Season 4 to drop a PV soon, with some sources suggesting that it would drop on July 7, 2019.

Thankfully for us, the trailer dropped way before that and we finally have a good first glimpse of what to expect in the next season of the show. In case you want to watch the trailer for My Hero Academia Season 4, you can do so below:

My Hero Academia Season 4 Trailer Breakdown

As you can see, there is a lot of new information in the trailer on characters like Nighteye. It seems he has an ocular quirk and that Midoriya is fighting against him. This is a challenge that Nighteye has posed to him and Midoriya ends up accepting. The new trailer also shows the League of Villains working with the Eight Precepts. Their leader, Chisaki, seems to hold control over a young girl with a horn, whose name is Eri.

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My Hero Academia Season 4
My Hero Academia Season 4 Key Visual

A Key Visual for My Hero Academia Season 4 was also revealed earlier today, and it looks incredible, with Mirio, Izuku and Nighteye taking the stage with Eri. My Hero Academia Season 4 premieres on October 12, 2019.

I’m very excited about the next season of My Hero Academia because even though the story has progressed way beyond it, this arc remains my favorite. Look forward to it, everyone!