Love Island Season 5’s Michael and Amber Might Reunite: Joanna Is Already Worried

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Love Island Season 5

In this post, we are going to discuss Love Island season 5’s recent controversy which is taking the internet by storm, and leaving all the viewers in splits. Who would have thought the ex-couple Amber and Michael would be back in a way that Joanna would have doubts on them. It is known that Michael has not accepted anything related to that, but let’s face it, his body language says it all. First of all, this post has a lot of spoilers here and there, so please read only if you have watched all the Love Island episode to date.

We all know that Michael considered Amber as his everything back in the day, but he left her as he was tired of her ‘childish’ behavior as per him. Nobody had an excuse about it, and that is why Joanna chose him because he wanted someone mature. Joanna is a perfect choice for him, but I think he is in search of some ‘childish’ behavior now, as he was seen flirting with Amber.

His plans were speaking out loud to Joanna as she heard both of them while he was flirting with Amber. After that, Joanna started having bad thoughts in mind, and she believed that a reconciliation is on the cards for the ex-couple. If not much, she had talked about it to Amy at least.

Her views did not change after she had a talk with Michael, where he denied all her doubts and assured that he does not have any feeling for her. Nonetheless, his actions were speaking something else, which Joanna noticed very well. Now moving the cursor towards Amber, we already know that she had admitted that she has not closed doors of reconciliation with Michael.

Which means, something big might happen if both of them are on the same page, which looked like they were. So, let’s wait and watch what happens!

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