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I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 2 Preview, and Spoilers

I'm Standing on a Million Lives

Yuusuke is involved in a combat with a group of monsters he is taking them one by one saying that he prefers to be alone. He also said that he hates the city and the people inside it then finished wiping out all the monsters. When he is sitting on the dead body of the monster he said that even, when his life is in danger this place, is a million times more exciting than that Tokyo. The next day Yuusuke went to school and it was the most boring day for him.

After school in the evening, he enjoyed playing games and he is happy that he managed to finish all the levels. The next day he went to school and he was cleaning the writing board when Shindou came inside the class. He looks at Shindou and he has already noticed that she is amazing and hot. Shindou is so popular and everyone at school admires her even girls. Yuusuke kept on asking himself why Shindou keeps on skipping PE. He looked at her and notice that she was talking with another girl and he started wondering if they hang out together.

This post is about I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 2 preview, and recap. This Anime is also known by its alternative name as 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru. You can get more new and episodes of this Anime officially on Ani-One or visit the official website using this link Take a look at the schedule below.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 2 will be released on Friday, 9 October 2020 at 10:00 PM JST. This Anime will release its new episode every Friday make sure to watch out for the upcoming episode spoilers. Allow me to take you to the recap and Anime’s preview below.

I'm Standing on a Million Lives

I’m Standing on a Million Lives

Previously on I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 1

Shindou looked back at Yuusuke who shy away. The teacher told Yuusuke that he is the only one who hasn’t submit his future plans form. The teacher advises him to join the track team and he will manage to get into an athletic high school. Yuusuke just replied yes and when he looks away he finds out that it is him and Shindou with her friend inside the classroom. He is just surprised that Shindou never hangs out with Hakozaki. The teacher asks him if he wants to do something.

Yuusuke replied that nothing thinking about going home to play games. Yuusuke doesn’t care about school and his teacher has noticed that he never said what he wants to say. His teacher advises him to have friends who he should open up to or he will never make it through high school. Yuusuke is impressed that his teacher knows him well. They both left Yuusuke alone inside the class and something strange started happening. He got teleported in another dimension and he falls inside the pool of monsters.

Yuusuke manages to swim out and met with Shindou along with Hakozaki. They told him that they are happy to find a boy and an instructor appears. He gave them instructions saying that Yuusuke is a new member and they are going to do everything together. The instructor shows them their quest that they must fulfill the village chief’s request within the 14 days time limit. He also reveals that the monsters in this world will ready and raring to kill them.

Yuusuke wanted to complain and Shindou kicked him in his butt. Since he likes her he said it did not hurt and he kept quiet and listen to his quest. When they are busy completing each quest new members will be joining them after each quest. Shindou is granted the powers of a wizard and Hakozaki warrior who uses a sword. Yuusuke is given the power of a farmer and Shindou wanted him to be a warrior.

Later they both encounter a group of goblins as the beginners they got defeated. Yuusuke died and came back to life after 30 seconds and Shindou explains how things work. With the help of Shindou and Hakozaki Yuusuke manages to defeat the goblins using the power of a hoe. Later he decides that he must keep his ranking up so that no one will die on his hands again.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives Episode 2 Preview

With all of the above updates, that’s what we have to offer for the upcoming episode of I’m Standing on a Million Lives. New updates and new of this Anime will be available every Friday after the release of a new episode.