Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date and Production Details

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Sweet Home season 2 release date and cast
Sweet Home poster (cr: Netflix)

Netflix’s fantasy horror Korean drama Sweet Home is ready to begin production for season 2. The release date for Sweet Home season 2 is not here. However, cast updates and filming schedules are announced by several sources. Although it’s good news for all Sweet Home fans, there’s a catch; lead star Song Kang is not returning to season 2. Moreover, fans wonder if the genre of the plot will change with Song Kang out of the picture. The only cast members to return from Season 1 are Park Gyu Young and Lee Si Young. So, what to expect from Sweet Home season 2?

According to several reports from JTBC News, Sweet Home season 2 will begin filming in the upcoming winter. On October 6, several industry representatives have confirmed the information. However, a source from Netflix reacted by saying that nothing had been decided. Previously, Netflix refused to share updates on the S2 of Sweet Home Kdrama. It looks like Netflix is keeping mum before announcing season 2 with a bang.

What is Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date – The Production Details

Unfortunately, Sweet Home season 2 does not have a release date right now. But, thankfully, it will soon begin production for the upcoming season. Although a lot is not shared regarding Sweet Home S2, important details on the cast line-up are being made. The frontman of the drama, Song Kang, is not returning in season 2. Hence, the network will soon look for new additional cast members for Sweet Home season 2. We can expect someone to take over the role played by Song Kang. Else, fans can look forward to a new storyline.

Sweet Home season 2 release date and cast
Song Kang

Park Gyu Young, who plays Yoon Ji Soo, and Lee Si Young, who plays Seo Yi-Kyeong, are returning. They are the only actors who will be joining the cast of Sweet Home season 2.

Netflix’s horror thriller drama Sweet Home how residents of a building try to save themselves after a specific condition turns humans into monsters. Watch the first season here. 

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