Is Blackpink’s Jisoo Dating Son Heung Min? YG Entertainment Clear The Rumors

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Jisoo and Son Heung Min Dating
Is Jisoo dating Son Heung Min?

Recently, there has been a massive discussion about Blackpink’s Jisoo dating soccer fame Son Heung Min. The fans of the female idol took social media to share any possible information regarding Song Heung Min and her. However, YG Entertainment has now officially shared its statement to clear all of the mess. For everyone who was sailing the Jisoo and Heung-Min ship, there is sad news. As per the company’s statement, the Blackpink member and the soccer star have not been involved in any kind of romantic relationship. Head further to get the exclusive news.

The rumors of the two stars dating began two years ago, in September 2019. At that time, Jisoo and  Heung-Min were single, and the fans started speculating them. Moreover, neither the agency nor the soccer player denied the rumors back then, which led to the rumors spreading in 2021. In 2019, fans hinted that Jisoo flew to England to watch Heung Min’s soccer game. Also, they were seen landing in Korea from France on the same day.

Are Son Heung Min and Jisoo Dating?

In reality, Jisoo and Son Heung Min are not dating each other. On September 10, YG Entertainment released an official statement. It clearly read that the dating rumors related to their artists- Jisoo- are not true. They also mentioned that their team has been monitoring the situation carefully. Because the rumors have spread internationally, it might cause damage to Jisoo’s image. Hence, YG Entertainment is concerned and wants to make things clear.

In the end, they humbly asked fans and media not to get away with the groundless speculations.

Jisoo and Son Heung Min Dating
Blackpink’s Jisoo and Heung-Min

After YG’s statement, the fans encountered the reality. Also, the false rumors, tweets, and posts have stopped being shared.

The fans previously thought of the two dating due to many “overseas” coincidences. Son Heung Min and Jisoo, however, were also seen wearing the same bracelets, which now we think, can be a pure coincidence.

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