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Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Episode 4 News and Spoilers

Strike Witches Road to Berlin

Earlier the Strike Witches forces show up and help Yoshika to defeat Neuroi after a fierce battle. Later Althea reunites with her father and Mio reveals that humanity’s counterattack against the Neuroi is about to begin. Back to the present, the world is now in peace after taking down Neuroi. High Commander of the Westen Forces General Geraldo S.Patto is angry at the military base.

He is angry shooting at the map and the executive commander-general oscar Newson Bradley calms him down. Geraldo is angry that his mission is postponed since he wanted to take down the Neuroi. Yoshika thanks her engineers for helping her fixing her fly legs and they are sending them back where they belong. At the Nederland Den Helder 501st joint fighter wing base. It has been revealed that the operation to retake Berlin has been postponed but they are still on the frontline.

Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Episode 4 Recap

Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Episode 4 will be released on Wednesday, 28 October 2020, at 10:00 PM JST. This Anime releases its new episode every Wednesday. Keep in mind that this post may contain spoilers of the next episode, you can skip them if you want to. You can officially watch this Anime on Crunchyroll. Take a look at the latest development below.

Strike Witches Road to Berlin

Strike Witches Road to Berlin

Previously on Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Episode 3

Minna reveals that Gertrud Barkhorn is their new leader and there is a new member joining them. Meanwhile, Shizuke Hattori is in front of the mirror she is fantasizing about flying with Yoshika. They called her out of excitement she opens the door and fall on her butt. Everyone laughed at her and Ursula Hartmann defends her that failure can happen to anyone. Yoshika went to her and boost her confidence. As a new member Yoshika welcome, Hattori to 501st, and Minna told Yoshika to take care of her.

Hattori is happy that Yoshika is going to be taking care of her and her dream has come true. Yoshika and Lynette Bishop decide to show Hattori around the base and they are both excited that they are going to be hanging out together. Sometime later Yoshika teaches Hattori how to fly and combat in the sky.

Hattori learned everything without making mistake since she is being taught by her idol. The next day the military has discovered that the Neuroi has come back again. Minna heads out with other Strike Witches to take down Neuroi after receiving a call. Hattori is scared since it is her first but Yoshika helps her to get over her fear. The battle is on between the Strike Witches force and the Neuroi.

Strike Witches: Road to Berlin Episode 4 Preview

We will be back with new updates next update next when as soon as the new episode is released. For this upcoming week, that’s what we have to offer for you about this Anime.