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The Day I Became a God Episode 5 News

The Day I Became a God

Yota is sitting next to his sister Sora who is lying on a bed out of the injury that she got earlier. Sora wakes up and Yota calls everyone they both gathered as a family and her parents said that they heard from her friend last night. Daichi said her friend said that she fell while running from a debt collector. Daichi asks Sora what happened and she explained that her friend Jinguji did a lot for her.

Jinguji is a film club alum and she helped her family. Hina said she doesn’t understand but she will help and Sora thinks that she can’t. Hina tries to convince her that she can and she will find a way to help her. Daichi asks Sora that she can explain everything they will find a way to help solve the problem. Sora explained everything to them and Hina said she now understands what is going on. Jinguji’s mother has fallen ill and Jinguji has been running her mother’s ramen restaurant.

The Day I Became a God Episode 5 Recap

The Day I Became a God Episode 5 will be released on Sunday, 1 November 2020, at 12:00 AM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Sunday. Let’s move on to the recap and preview below.

The Day I Became a God

The Day I Became a God

The Day I Became a God Episode 4

Jinguji can’t make a profit and they are forcing her to pay a debt. Sora said that the interest is too high and Daichi said it sound like an unscrupulous lender. Yota asks Hina if she has an idea of how they are going to help Jinguji who can’t pay the debt along taking care of her ill mother. Hina said it is simple they just have to make the ramen restaurant become popular.

Yota said that they might have tried doing that but it didn’t work. Hina said that she will handle it this time they must leave everything to her. Hina said it is her dream to make ramen that is out of this world. Sora thinks that Hina doesn’t look like a person who can do that and Hina replied that she must not judge people because of their appearance. Hina said Yota will help them since the kitchen can b over 120 degrees and she can stay inside the kitchen dressed like this.

They both started to make the ramen restaurant trend by attracting more customers and giving them the restaurant cards. They both workday and night and turned that restaurant into a hit in a week. Jinguji is impressed by the way they helped her. Meanwhile, Suzuki met with a group of powerful people telling him to help them with something. Suzuki said that they must let him do the job at his house and they agreed.

The Day I Became a God Episode 5 Preview

We start this week with all of the above updates along with the latest preview of the upcoming episode. The next updates will be available next week after the release of the latest episode on Monday. Watch this The Day I Became a God on Funimation.