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Welcome To Ballroom Chapter 51 Where To Read, and Spoilers

Welcome To Ballroom Chapter 51 Where To Read, and Spoilers

“Welcome To Ballroom” resumed its monthly Manga release after a two-month break with Chapter 50. Class A competition’s final round was about to start when the judges were talking about possible candidates to win the competition. The competitors then made their way into the dancing stage as the spectators cheered on them to which they demonstrated their skills, marking the beginning of the competition. Tatara was amongst them as well, and his friends cheered him on as he made his performance. This was all that Chapter 50 brought us as it ended prior to the announcement of the results.

Welcome to the ballroom follows the life of a third-year middle schooler Tatara Fujita who yearns to find something that he can pursue wholeheartedly. At first, he was often bullied and extorted for his lack of confidence — Tatara’s life changes when he is saved from delinquents by Kaname Sengoku, a motorcycle-riding dance instructor.

Sengoku proceeds to drag Tatara to Ogasawara Dance studio as he mistakenly believed that Tatara was looking at the studio’s flyer. Tatara was then partnered with his schoolmate and skilled dancer Shinzuku Hanoka when he agrees to a trial lesson. The next day when he was saved yet again from bullying, he asks the studio to teach him dancing in hopes of changing his image.  As he enters a bright and fast-paced new world, he dedicates his time dancing as he sweeps over the dance hall.

Welcome To Ballroom Chapter 51 Spoilers

Chapter 50 will reveal the results of Class A competition’s final round. This is where the judges will have to voice their opinions over the performances of the participants. Before the competition began, each judge had revealed their individual beliefs on what would make a good performance, with several commenting that Kugimiya is definitely the star of the show. Some believed that hard work really counts, while some went with the expression of the dancer’s emotion. As to who will come out as the winner, I guess we will really find out on Chapter 51 as it is the collective opinion of all the judges that finally counts.

Welcome To Ballroom Chapter 50 update

Welcome to the ballroom has been consistent in its new chapters release. The schedule was to release once monthly, of which it has been the case until a two months break that ended with the release of chapter 50 on the 6th of December. The manga usually reveals details about the next chapter releases, although they do not give out the exact date, only the month of the release. Then this means that Chapter 51 will air on the 6th of January as it is the usual monthly update.

Where To Read Welcome To Ballroom Chapter 50?

“Welcome To Ballroom” started its serialization in Shounen monthly magazine on the 5th of November 2011 under Kodansha publishers. You can read its latest chapters from various Manga sites, including Kodanshacomics, , and, as soon as new chapters release are out.