Iron Banner Season 9 Quests: How To Complete Them?

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Iron Banner Season 9

Destiny 2 fans are really excited, as they were waiting for Iron Banner for a long time, and now it is back again. Therefore, we are seeing a lot of people trying to know what does it have to offer this time, as new seasons have new content in Iron Banner. So, we are here to provide you all the details about the current season Iron Banner.

First of all, you will have to complete a brand new quest this season which all the Guardians need to complete. For starting it, the players need to go to the Tower and see Lord Saladin. To find him, you have to go to the highest level, at Banshee-44, where he will be waiting in front of the huge Iron Banner. Here are the steps you have to follow:

Step 1: Light the Fires
This is the first step in the ninth season, which asks players to complete the challenges while playing Iron Banner. They are nothing of a big deal, but you gotta remember to complete them as soon as possible. They include defeating 30 opponents, capturing 10 zones, and performing a super thrice. They are a lot, but they can be done across several games.

Step 2: Iron Sights
This step focuses more on how can you line up your opponents while you play an Iron Banner match. It includes six matches, capturing 20 zones, landing 25 final blows with a scout rifle. Symmetry can be used to complete these challenges.

Step 3: Iron Pump
In this step, you have to use a shotgun to kill the enemies. It needs 100 kills, capturing 30 zones, and then get 20 shotguns.

Step 4: Death Metal
Now, you can use your abilities, as you have to take the Guardians with Supers 15 times. Also, capturing zones 40 times and using hand cannons 15 times is also included.

Step 5: Iron Rain
After all the hard work with the traditional weapons, now you will be able to use the heavy and advanced destruction machines, including those rocket launchers. In this, you need to complete 15 Iron Banner matches, capture 50 zones, as well as taking down Guardians 10 times using rocket launchers.

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