The ‘Elder Scrolls 6’ To Release In 2019

E3 2017 was full of surprises, and many major titles were announced some of which were released in 2018 itself which some has the release window for 2019. Among the other games, fans were surprised to see the next installment of Bethesda’s hit series, the Elder Scrolls. Bethesda showcased ‘The Elder Scrolls 6,’ at the event, and it was pretty clear that the game was still under development, and it would take a few years for it to get completed and ship out.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Coming Out in 2019:

The Elder Scrolls 6 update
The Elder Scrolls 6 update

However, there is a little change of things now, and it is predicted that the game will be coming out this year.

The prediction was made by analyst Michael Pachter. He is responsible for many accurate predictions in the past but, no one is perfect and such is true in his case as well as many of his predictions failed too. So, judging from his past success, this current prediction can’t be ruled out yet. In the past, he predicted about the Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty, and a few others.

He also explained the reasons for his predictions as well. In an interview with GameIndustry, he said that Fallout 76’s flop would require Bethesda to release its next major title to secure a needed hit in the market, so it’s highly likely for them to accelerate the development process of the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6.

We all know that Fallout 76 has received mixed reactions and it didn’t live up to Bethesda’s expectations which they had initially on the idea of making the game online. Patcher’s prediction is a personal one, so it is recommended to take it with a pinch of salt.

This isn’t the first prediction made regarding the update of ‘The Elder Scrolls 6,’ as many other predictions state that the game will be released when the next-gen consoles arrive. Currently, Patcher’s prediction seems highly unlikely as rushing the project to release the game sooner than expected will be a huge risk for Bethesda and surely, after Fallout 76, they’ll try their best to avoid such mistake.

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