Destiny 2: How To Find Ancient Haunts Lost Sector?

Destiny 2 players have been very busy for the past days as there are so many events that are currently going on, so players have to be extremely active these days. The Izanami Forge is in its full swing, and so is the Dawning event which will be over soon. Recently, we made a guide regarding the Dawning event and how to unlock Destiny 2 Dawning Cheer Sparrow Upgrades, feel free to check it out if you haven’t already. However, in this article, we will be providing you with the guide to locate Ancients Haunt Lost Sector.

Before starting with the guide, let me give you a brief idea on the Lost Sectors, these are basically one of the best places for loots and killing enemies. The Lost Sectors are hidden and generally found in the significant locations of the map. The place is generally marked in the map. However, the actual entrance is a bit tricky to locate.

Destiny 2: Ancient Haunts Lost Sector Location:

destiny 2 ancient haunts location
Destiny 2: Ancient Haunts Lost Sector Location (via USGAMER)

In this guide, we will give you the idea to locate one of the Lost Sectors, Ancient Haunts and for that, you need to set Nessus as your destination and its entrance is actually given in the map. It is near the north-western location of The Tangle. Explore the place, and you’ll find the entrance.

Here if you find loots and enemies to challenge, and also if you go to the end of the sector, you’ll find the wanted Pakrion.

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