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Harvey Girls Forever Season 5:or Cancelled? What We Know So Far

Harvey Girls Forever
Harvey Girls Forever

A must watch Animated Television Series for lower kindergarten kids, Harvey Girls Forever is a Netflix Original which is developed by Emily Brundige. The producer of the show is Brendan Hay, whose 6th January tweet has caused the title of the article- Is Season 5 Cancelled or on our way?

The animated series follows various adventures of Harvey girls- Audrey, Lotta, and Dot, who are the self-appointed guardians of Harvey Street. The girls engage in multiple quirky quests like partaking in ball games, climbing trees, and exploring the nooks and corners of the vicinity, making sure that the residents are safe and their bond grows stronger with time.

Each episode of the show presents life as a never-ending journey and helps the toddlers and KG students understand and appreciate life to the fullest. The show shows how the Harvey girls are always on the lookout to set things right, make everything fun, and, most importantly, make their neighborhood peaceful.

The animated TV series has successfully premiered it’s four seasons on the largest web streaming platform. However, certain events have made the renewal of the show dim.

When Is Harvey Girls Forever Season 5 update?

Season 4 of Harvey Girls was premiered on 10th January 2020, comprising a total of thirteen (13) episodes. The last episode of Season 4 was titled Harvey Endings Part 1/ Harvey Endings Part 2 and streamed how Lotta is leaving Harvey Street forever and calls for an epic dance party, which may indicate the farewell of the show.

The need for the series’ farewell is more consolidated by the tweet of the series’ producer on 6th January 2020, declaring that the epic dance party can be the end of the show.

However, the fans of Harvey Girls Forever are circling around the warmth of rumors, which is suggesting that a cartoon may come back with an epilogue in order to say a proper goodbye and that the renewal of the series may take place somewhere around 2020.

But no news is confirmed as of now except the fact that you shall always follow Otakukart for the latest updates!