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Good Girls Season 3 Episodes, Trailer, Plot and Cast Details

Good Girls Season 3
Good Girls Season 3

An American crime-comedy drama TV series, Good Girls, shows the story of three Michigan mothers-turned criminals, which is aired on NBC, which has also been streamed in Netflix. The series has been described as feminist ‘Breaking Bad’ and quintessentially tells a suburban tale with the brush-strokes of ‘Thelma & Louise.’

Each episode of the series has 41 to 44-minute running time, which is composed of Michael Penn and Lyle Workman. The Executive producer of the series includes Jenna Bans, Dean Parisot, and Jeannine Renshaw. The show is produced by Universal Televisions and Minnesota Logging Company.

The show has run two successful seasons, winning laurels from both fans and critics. The series has earned 7.9/10 ratings on IMDb, 80% score on Rotten Tomatoes, 7.7/10 on, and 97% score from the Google users. The stand out feature of the show is the moral complexity among the characters and the uncertainty involved. The series portrays female ambition and the consequences of silenced females who are desperate to rise and reclaim control over their lives in our patriarchal society. After the thrilling two seasons, all eyes are now set on Season 3.

When is Good Girls Season 3 update?

Good Girls Season 3 will release on NBC on February 16, 2020, although it’s streaming date on Netflix is yet to be announced. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.

Good Girls Season 3 Episodes

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 1 will be released on February 16, 2020, we will update you with more episode details as soon as we have it.

What is Good Girls Season 3 Trailer?

The trailer of Good Girls Season 3 is out to showcase a promo of yet another exciting event which this season is going to unfold. Have a look –

What is Good Girls Season 3 Plot?

The crime dramedy series revolves around two sister mothers and their best friend, who is also a parent.  These include Beth, who has given birth to four children, and her husband is a car salesman who has shared on her. Annie is Beth’s young sister and mother of Sadie, who is facing financial problems because of legal fees raked up over a custody battle with her ex.  Ruby is Beth’s best friend, who is also soaked in financial woes because of her daughter’s bills.

All three of them become fed up with their financial constraints and their daily chores and become irritated for not getting enough self-esteem. So, they try to earn esteem from the other way- by robbing a local grocery store! However, being amateurs in the dark trait, they soon find their loves getting messed up day by day. They understand the real side of an unholy trade and perhaps warn the viewers against one. In the end, it is always safe to be “good.”

The Initial premise of Good Girls is more like a movie than a broadcast drama. As the series takes its turn, the characters get more and more addicted working for themselves and laundering their own counterfeit bills, especially after their cartel boss Rio was allegedly killed in Season 2 Finale. There are two diverse theories about Rio’s death.

There are chances that Rio may have survived the three gunshot holes Beth put in this torso in the finale, meaning which we can see Rio back again in Season 3.

However, if Rio is really dead, then the dark trio trade is expected to get more complex, and they will inch more close towards the hell-called jail.

The storyline of the series gets interesting with every passing episode largely due to emotion-filled juicy events portrayed and the character dynamics propelled by the moral grey area where the characters operate. The uncertainty involved in the series gets more and more intense as we reach the climax.

The most confused character among the three is Beth, who is the official leader of the group and tries to ‘enjoy’ life as a criminal. However, hard she may try, her moral compass puts her down as compared to Rio’s bad way. She does not have all that it takes to be a boss as she constantly intrigued by the dilemma-

“Is there actually such a thing as a professional counterfeiter and money launderer who is also a good person?” As far as Ruby is concerned, she almost saw her family unit implode as Stan was questioned for her crimes in Season 2. She was supposed to put the counterfeit game to an end, but she currently struggles to go back to a “scraping by” kind of lifestyle.

Annie is also not better than a lot. She initially got the money for her child’s operation, but hormones are not a one time purchase. She has to decide if she wants to keep leading a dubious life as her kid gets older and is starting to see through her mother’s real side.

Who are Good Girls Season 3 Cast?

The lead female trio of the series has been performed by seasoned artists in the binge-watch universe. Elizabeth “Beth” Boland, who is the unofficial leader of the dark group, is played by Christina Hendricks.

Beth’s best friend Ruby Hill is played by Retta. We also find Mae Whitman playing the role of Beth’s young sister Annie Marks. She is also the mother of Sadie. Reno Wilson plays the role of Stanley Hill, who is Ruby’s mall-cop turned actual-cop husband. He finds out Ruby’s criminal activities and creates an emotional disturbance in the series.

Other members of the cast crew include Manny Montana as Christopher (Rio), who is a high-ranking criminal and has a money laundering business. We also find Lidya Jewett as Sara Hill, Isaiah Stannard as Sadie Marks, Matthew Lilliard as Dean Boland, Zach Gilford as Gregg, Sally Pressman as Nancy, Allison Tohman as Mary Pat among others.