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Apple Watch Series 6 Price, and Event Details

Apple Watch Series 6 update
Apple Watch Series 6

There is a great deal of excitement over the next smartwatch from Apple. Apple will be definitely be working on the successor to Apple Watch Series 5. They have been consistent with their naming of the watches. The model that is gonna come out next will be known as Apple Watch Series 6, and it will succeed Apple Watch Series 5.

Usually, Apple holds its launch event in September of every year and it is expected that the next generation of the watch will be announced at the same time.

When is Apple Watch Series 6 update? – Updated

Apple Watch Series 6 will be released in September 2020. The launch event normally takes place in the second week of September. So, we can expect the Apple Watch Series 6 to come out in September 2020.

Apple Watch Series 6 Features and Cost

Looking back at the previous versions of the watch, the Apple Watch Series 4 made a lot of changes in terms of the display and design; Series 5 has the same design. The shape remains the same, but Series 5 has more screen. So, it is expected that Series 6 is going to have a bigger design. Also, we can expect more fitness features. One of the best additions that Apple could make is by adding a better battery. There are several other things that could be added to the next generation of Apple Watch Series.

We are hearing reports and rumors all around, but the most possible one could be sleep tracking as of now. However, it also means they will add suitable hardware to support it, and will also increase the prices. Moreover, we are also hearing some rumors about blood oxygen level tracking, although there is no solid evidence of what software and hardware can make it possible, so we are not holding our breath on it. Also, we expect some design changes, as more screen and minimal bezels are also welcome. Additionally, fans will be eyeing for a better battery as we mentioned, but also faster charging. The next-gen iWatch is still way too far from release, so we will hear more details about it later as well.

We are also hearing that the next iWatch might have micro-LED instead of the OLED screen which it uses currently, as microLED is more efficient and can make a huge change in battery backup. Also, we might see the next iWatch sporting a touch ID fingerprint sensor to make it more secure.

As of now, the current-gen Apple Watch Series 5 currently costs £399/$399, However, if you go for a different variant, such as Ceramic, it will cost £1,499/$1,499. While the stainless steel variant costs £699/$699 and the titanium finish costs £799/$799. We can expect similar prices for Apple Watch Series 6, but with minimal price hikes.