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Zombies 3 update, Cast and Expected Storyline

Zombies 3 Release
A still from Zombies 2

The record-breaking project for Disney, ‘Zombies,’ had premiered its sequel this year after two long years of waiting, and the fans are already anticipating the next part of the franchise. Unlike other Disney projects, the movie does not only serve as something like a fairy tale, but also showcases the principles of equality, and serves as a report against prejudices. Although the official announcement has not been made by Disney, however, according to us, they are bound to make a new chapter owing to the massive success of the past seasons.

Both the parts of the franchise has been directed by Paul Hoen, who has also been one of the executive producers of the movies along with Effie Brown. The movies have been produced by Mary Pantelidis under the production house of Princessa Productions, LTD, and has a runtime of 95 minutes approximately. We will be talking about the update of Zombies 3, cast details, and its expected storyline.

Zombies 3 update

The Disney Original, Zombies will be released in February 2022, it might be released a bit early, but it is highly unlikely considering the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is sure to be delayed. The first movie of the Zombies franchise premiered on February 16, 2018, while the second part was released on the 14th of the same month in 2020 on the Dinsey channel. Therefore, judging from the past releasing times of the franchise, the probability of catching up with the third part is not anytime sooner. So if new updates come, you know where to get back to.

Zombies 3 Official Trailer

You can take a look at the official trailer of Zombies 2 until Disney drops the trailer of the third film of the series.

Zombies 3 Cast Details

The first movie of the franchise cast Milo Manheim as Zed, Meg Donnelly as Addison, Trevor Tordjman as Bucky, Kylee Russell as Eliza, Carla Jeffery as Bree, Kingston Foster as Zoey, James Godfrey as Bonzo, Naomi Snieckus as Ms. Lee, Paul Hopkins as Dale, Emilia McCarthy as Lacey, Jasmine Renee Thomas as Stacey and others in lead roles, while its sequel starred Chandler Kinney as Willa, Pearce Joza as Wyatt, Ariel Martin as Wynter, Jonathan Langdon as Coach, Megan Ward as Missy, Noah Zulfikar as J.C./Kevin as the additional cast along with the original one.
Although the official cast for the third part is too early to predict, for now, we can assure you that the leading cast will still be there in the third part as well.

Zombies 3 Expected Storyline

The musical and dance movie, ‘Zombies’ is inspired by David Light and Joseph Raso’s, ‘Zombies & Cheerleaders’ that follows the love story of a football player Zed, who is a zombie with a human cheerleader, Addison, trying to get a balance between their respective groups so that they can coexist with each other in the same world.

The first part focused on the struggles that the zombies had to face in fitting into the world of humans, in order to get respectful acceptance, without any fright, as, after all, they were not monsters, while in the second part, we witness a world with humans and zombies, ultimately living in peace. However, their peaceful harmony was interrupted by the werewolves, who entered Seabrook from the Forbidden Forest, searching for their moonstone. Zombies 2 taught us to grow up and adapt to changes, leaving behind all the insecurity and prejudices, for, changes are inevitable.

The third part might focus on Addison’s own self-discovery and self-reliance, being the one who couldn’t figure out where she belongs, as at the end of Zombies 2, we could see her hair glowing.

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