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Homeland Season 8: Cast, Plot, update

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison and Max Beesley as Mike Brown in Homeland (Season 5, Episode 02). - Stephan Rabold/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: Homeland_502_0832.R

Before we begin with Homeland Season 8, readers should know that it is going to be the last of Homeland. So I am going to miss Carrie Mathison, and I hope you will top. In Season 7, the plot details for Season 8 started to build and as we’ve been promised, the next will be explosive and satisfying as tell. So anyway, the longest-running political spy thrillers will be over with soon. But as a loyal fan of Homeland, you will be more interested to know the cast updates surrounding the show.

For Homeland Season 8, Claire Danes’ real-life husband, Hugh Dancy, will be joining the show. Hugh will play Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) as an opponent on the show. As goes for other cast members Dane and Patinkin will play their old roles. Beau Bridges will play US’s new President, Warner.

According to the plot details of Season 8, the official synopsis says that Carrie Mathison will recover from long months of confinement in a Russian gulag. Carrie’s body is healing, but she’s been having trouble regaining her memory. Her memory impairment isn’t helping Saul, who now is a National Security Advisor to the newly ascendant President Warner (played by Beau Bridges).

The final plot of Homeland is to end the so-called “forever war” in Afghanistan, and as you may know, Saul is going to engage the Taliban in peace negotiations. But Kabul is full of people who are warlords, mercenaries, zealots and spies. It’s pretty obvious that Saul is going to engage them, utilize the relationships and expertise.

Alex Gansa has on record aimed for higher stakes in Season 7, but with a smaller intelligence pool. They are putting a spot to everything before they bid goodbye to Homeland. Homeland Season 8 is going to air this year.