Dr. Stone Anime Review

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Dr Stone Anime Review

Dr. Stone is a new take on the typical post-apocalyptic stories in fiction throughout the entertainment industry. The whole world is frozen (turned into stone) as green blinding light is seen from the horizon. The high schooler Taiju Ooki is about to confess his feeling to Yuzuriha Ogawa after keeping his thoughts at bay for over five years. Just when he is about to do that, the entire world freezes and we are taken thousands of years into the future. Taiju wakes up mysteriously only to find his long-time best friend Senku, the only person that is not in stone form. Senku has been awake for a few months and a grand scheme is underway to revive the whole world. Everyone is alive under the stone form even if thousands of years have passed. The peculiar state that the world is in, Senku is determined to solve the whole thing.

Anime Review

Do you like science and scientific experiments, even if you don’t this anime will make you fall in love with science. Dr. Stone is the best sci-fi genre anime, I loved everything about this anime, Animation & Art are fantabulous, and even the sounds, openings, and endings are good. Let me tell you about the story without spoiling it more, One-day entire human population turned into stone and after three thousand years in the future, a kid awakens, and he’s Senku the main character of the anime. Senku’s dream is to re-build 21st Century along with humanity he understands how to break free people from the stone, he is a super-genius who loves science and he is ten billion percent sure that he will bring them back.

Dr Stone Anime Review
Dr Stone Anime Review

Even when Senku invented gunpowder, the golden spear, electricity, cotton candy, record player, and whatnot, both the writer and the studio did a great job, by keeping things in mind as these things can be created in the stone era, it was fantastic. Like every story there is a villain who tries to stop the hero, Shishio Tsukasa is the one who is against Senku, Tsukasa is really powerful and strong. Both Tsukasa and Senku are building their forces in the stone era, and this fight is yet to start, I’m eagerly waiting for the next season, for the STONE WARS.

It has everything that you need, the brilliance of science, great artwork, and adventure, overall I highly recommend you to watch this anime, it is worth watching and super exciting.

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