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New Dragon Ball Super Movie Confirmed: Everything You Need To Know

DBS New Movie

Dragon Ball Super’s return has been heavily speculated over the course of the last few months. We’ve even had sources confirming to others that it is indeed going to return and that’s very exciting news for everyone. What’s interesting is that there’s much more than just a show in development. From what we know, there is also a movie in development, and they want the movie to surpass Broly.

Recently, an interview with Akio Iyoku, who is an editor at Shueisha, and Norihiro Hayashida, producer of Broly, broke out and they revealed all sorts of plans that they have for the future of the series. You can read the entire interview below. Credit for the translations goes to @Goreshx on Twitter.

Ikuyo talked about the next Dragon Ball project and how they are already trying to surpass what they did with Broly, “We are steadily making preparations for the next Dragon Ball movie. Broly was excessively powerful, so we think things will probably head in a completely different direction next time around. We raised the bar a lot with Broly so we’re trying to avoid becoming burnt out. I think Dragon Ball will continue from here on out so we want you all to look forward to what’s coming up next.”

According to Hayashida, the next movie will definitely be something to look forward to, because they will have more experience this time around. “There are a lot of things that we
have come to see through raising the bar so
much. This time we went so crazy on things
such as staffing and casting that it made
even myself think that it would not be
possible to get any better. But with this
experience in hand, we will continue to aim
even higher and higher.”

I’m very excited about what’s coming next for all the Dragon Ball fans. We’re still getting the TV Anime, and at the same time, another movie is already in development. You might wonder when this movie will be coming out, and the answer to that is we don’t know yet.

Toei already has One Piece Stampede coming out this year, so I think 2019 is out of the question. Maybe 2020, or 2021 will see this new DBS movie come out. We’ll certainly report more on this as we get more information.