Rising of the Shield Hero Shares Live-Action Trailer

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It was just a few days ago that the creators of The Rising of the Shield Hero dropped in some new information about the cast members selected for their stage play. Well, a bit of background check, this story was created in the form of a web novel and was uploaded on the novel site called Sosetsuka ni Naro. The main genre of this show is dark fantasy as well as drama. As for the anime for The Rising of the Shield Hero, it dropped out its first installment which was made up of 25 episodes and was produced under the banner of Kinema Citrus. Now, the fans are desperately waiting for the second season to start which will air from the October of 2021. Given the success of this series in the anime industry, the creators have also discussed and confirmed the third installment. But what lies before us right now in the near future is a stage play happening in Japan real soon. There are quite a few updates regarding this new initiative taken by the creators and thus, here we have wrapped up all the details which we know about this life and action series.

The stage play for The Rising of the Shield Hero was supposed to get a release back in the Spring of 2020 before it was delayed and then canceled because of the pandemic. But now, its life has been given a second chance this year with the drama returning to the theatre in July this year. As of right now, a trailer has also been released that focuses on the various talented cast members employed to enact the characters of the tale. In this video clip, it is visible that the actors are trying to connect the story to the real world and succeeding in doing so. We have attached the video of this trailer to this article.

Rising of the Shield Hero Shares Live-Action Trailer
Cast of Rising of the Shield Hero stage play

The Rising of the Shield Hero stage play’s release date

Now, The Rising of the Shield Hero stage play’s release date is from the 15th of July till the 25th of July. This program has been directed by Ken Oguida. As for the cast information, which was revealed just a few days ago, we have been revealed about actor Yuuya Uno reprising the role of Naofumi Iwatani. Then we have Karin Isobe who enacts the character of Raphtalia. Yuuna Sekine is set to play the part of Filo. Ikkei Yamamoto will reprise the role of Motoyasu Kitamura. Then we have Yuuho Matsui who will enact the character of Ren Amaki. Taiga Fukizawa is going to play the part of Itsuki Kawasumi. Ryuya Ishigami will reprise the role of Ake. Then we have Kotori Kojima who will enact the character of Slave Trader. Isamu Ishizaka is going to play the part of Aultcray.

This is not everything that the creators are doing for the fans of this anime series as well as manga this year. After the whole entertainment sector had to be shut down last year, we could not get the much-awaited second installment of The Rising of the Shield Hero anime series. Thus, it has now been announced that this new outing is going to air later this year in October. The creators have not confirmed a concrete release date for this show but we can surely expect a lot to unfold from this installment. It is because our protagonist, Naofumi as well as his company, will be asked to tackle the waves in a very different way which has never been done before. Also, we have already discussed how a third season has also been confirmed by the creators for the fans which further gives us the acknowledgment of how we still have a lot to look forward to from this series. All this while, fans can not wait for the stage play to happen sooner so that they can be a part of the new creative decision made by the team. In total, there are going to be 15 shows by the cast. Also, you guys should know that the booking is scheduled to start from the 25th of June 2021, and thus, hurry up before it all sells out.

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