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Forza 7 Motorsport Last Update Set To Arrive In August 2019

Forza 7 Motorsport

Forza’s next update will be coming in August, and that update will be the game’s last which will be delivering new content. The development is at its peak, and they have been developing the current Race Regulations ruleset and the 2017 released title as a whole. The development of the next Forza Motorsport title is in the early stages. This day would have eventually come but don’t worry Forza fans as the new game will be there for you guys. The developers announced that Forza Motorsport 7 would cease following the delivery of the August 2019 update.

The development team said, “Finally, a word about the future for Forza Motorsport 7. Development on Forza 7, including further Forza Race Regulations features, will culminate with next month’s August 2019 update. Of note, the August update will feature race disqualifications based on accumulated penalty times. Look for more detail on how this will work next month.”

As the fans of the series know that, Race Regulations ruleset have been the big focus of Forza Motorsport development time, and so is the future of competitive as well as tournaments such as the Forza RC. The July update will be coming this week, and it will bring the first iteration of collision-based penalties. On the other hand, the August update will be bringing for the first time the penalty induced disqualifications. As the development of the game is still going on, this game will still live and will be whole in August.

Moreover, it will be so good that there will be decent competitive gameplay to get stuck into while we wait for the next installment after that is still unknown. The game has turned 10, and in its journey, it has made a lot of fans, and they have a wonderful community. This will have the next installment of the franchise to become even more amazing than before. There was nothing teased about the game during the 2019 E3 and we might not be getting about it until 2020.

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