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Monster Girl Doctor Episode 4 Preview, and Spoilers

Monster Girl Doctor

Glenn and Saphentite have helped a patient using special bio-liquid that allows for internal regeneration. After they finish helping a patient they heard someone knocking the door. Glenn replied come in and they found that it is Lindworm city representative lady Skadi Dragenfelt. This post is about Monster Girl Doctor Episode 4 preview, and a recap.

Lindworm is overall a fairly new city that began its development after the war between humans and monsters ended. This is the only city that humans and monsters interact with each other. The development in this city is lead by a member of the rare dragon race and city council representative Skadi Dragenfelt. Skadi is the most powerful person in the city and she has played an important role.

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 4 update

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 4 will be released on Sunday 1 August 2020, at 11:00 PM JST. Note that Monster Girl Doctor episode is released every Sunday. Make sure you proceed with caution you may come across spoilers of the next episode. You can skip the spoilers if you don’t like them. Take a look for more updates of Monster Girl Doctor below.

Monster Girl Doctor

Monster Girl Doctor

Previously on Monster Girl Doctor Episode 3

Skadi is with her bodyguard Kunai Zenow who is injured one of her hands is broken. Skadi said that her bodyguard has lost her right arm fighting with bandits and they don’t know where the arm is.  Kunai translate what Skadi is saying. She asks Glenn that he will be the one to locate the arm by using his suturing skills to reattach it.

She also explained how Kunai manage to chase away the bandits. Glenn asks why did they come to his clinic as Skadi is close to his mentor Dr. Cthulhy. Skadi replied that she went but she has been rejected and sent to Glenn. Gleen asks what kind of monster is Kunai for his exam. Skadi replied she is not a monster she is a human a flesh golem made from parts of human corpses.

Kunai went out to find her arm, on her way she saw someone who is dressed like the bandits. She decided to follow that person while Glenn and Saphentite talk about her arm. Glenn also went out to look for Kunai’s arm meanwhile Kunai encounters the person she was chasing. Glenn heard a scream and he went there and find Kunai’s leg lying down.

Kunai is crawling with one leg and one foot to reach where the bandits are. Later Glenn manages to find Kunai’s arm. Glenn finds Kunai lying down and he fixes her arm and leg she is able to walk again. When Glenn went back home he has found that Saphentite is pregnant.

Monster Girl Doctor Episode 4 Preview