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God of High School Episode 5 Preview, and Spoilers

God of High School

In the official channel of GOH, the presenter announces about the big bang. They talked about the time of 7.3 billion GOH fans in 196 countries. They are waiting for Seol preliminaries that are reaching their climax. The tournament is now down to the top 4. Yoo Maria the successor to the moonlight sword style, Han Daewi the karate practitioner, Jim Mori the taekwondo user and master of jiu-jitsu Byeon Jaehee. In this post, we will be talking about God of High School Episode 5 preview, and recap.

Yoo Miora is going to battle with Han Daewi, those two are friends. Mira thinks she is going to win the battle as her moon sword style is powerful. Han told her to be gentle with him. Mori promises that he is going to face one of them in the finals and there is a guy spying on Mira’s moves. Let’s see what will happen to those three powerful fighters who are friends and more details on the release of the next episode below.

God of High School Episode 5 will be released on Monday, 3 August 2020, at 11:30 PM JST. The new episode of God of High School is released every Monday

God of High School

God of High School Episode 4

Previously on God of High School Episode 4

A rich guy who was spying at Mira appears in front of her and bows down. He proposes to Mira and asks her to marry him. Han, Mori, and Mira are shocked to hear that. Later in the evening, Mira is with her sister they are choosing the wedding dress. Mira chose white and her sister thinks pink will be perfect. Mira’s sister talks about how wonderful is to get married to a rich powerful guy.

She also cannot believe that Mira is getting married to Seong-jin. Seong-jin is the strongest, most gorgeous martial artist, and he presents country sports entertainment. Mira’s sister thinks that Seng-jin fell in love at first sight with Mira. Mira remembers how Seong convinces her to accept his proposal for the second time. Mira is a Seong student and Seong studied the moonlight sword style to know more about Mira.

Mira also remembered everything about her past and how Seong help her to become what she is now. Seong just wants to use Mira for his benefit in business. Mori discovered out that Mira is getting married he went and confront her. Mira explained why she is getting married and she sends Mori away. The marriage is about to take place and Mori and Mira’s little sister find out why she is getting married.

They decided to stop the wedding Mori battle with the bodyguard to get inside the wedding venue. Han and Mori manage to make Mira realize her abilities and potentials. Mira ends up not accepting to get married for selfish reasons. Seong gets angry and wanted to kill Mira. Mira defeated him using moonlight sword style no 6.

We have the preview of the next episode of the Anime below courtesy of Monkey D Garp YouTube Channel, have a look.

God of High School Episode 5 Preview