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Read Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 226 update, Spoilers, and Recap

Diamond no Ace Act II

The Semi-Finals have begun it is Seidou vs Ichidai San. Sawamura gets ready and throws the ball towards his opponent. He wants to surprise them with his new Pitch. Chimaru was expecting to hit the first pitch fastball but he grounds out to 3rd base on the Splitter. He didn’t know what hit him there. Sankou’s players are surprised and feel disappointed with that fast out but they don’t know what pitch Sawamura threw yet. He is surprising them with his new pitch. His training is starting to show some effect on the game.

Sawamura takes out Sankou’s leadoff in just a single pitch and everyone is asking if he threw a fastball or not. Mori comes up as the second batter of Sankou and he thinks that Sawamura is a pitcher who fights in the zone. Mori plans that he is going to target Sawamura’s fastball until he is cornered. Since Sawamura is so quick Mori plans to be fast with his swings. The first pitch became a swing and a miss and Mori thinks that it came under his bat.

This week’s post is about the Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 226 update, spoilers, and recap. Let’s find out which team will make it to the finals as the SF clash has already begun. Sawamura is showing off his new training skills that no one is aware of. Sankou’s players are confused and they can read his movements that’s is why they are being taken out so easily. let’s see how the will respond down below.

Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 226 will be released on Thursday, 24 September 2020. Next week this Manga is taking a weekly break take a look at the latest development of SF below.

Diamond no Ace Act II

Diamond no Ace Act II

Previously on Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 225

The second one corner Mori in no time and he threw a straight fastball and manage to make it a two out. Everyone praises Sawamura for making it a two-out he is showing a nice pitch. Other players are trying to figure out what Sawamura is throwing and it can’t be a high-sped splitter. Sankou’s players remember that Sawamura was throwing a Splitter in his last games and now it has a high speed on it. They think that he might have customized it in his training.

Sawamura is pitching in the zone with accurate measurement and make it lower so that they will miss when swinging. Sawamura’s pitch has characteristics of both Splitter and a 2-Seamer. That what he has been busy training to get and it is called Number 9 the splitter custom. The 3rd batter from Sankou shows up he is not sure what kind of trick Sawamura is using but he thinks his pitching is fastballs.

He is aiming to destroy it suddenly Sawamura throws towards Miyagawa. It became a strike and he throws again as the first pitch was changed up. Miyagawa hits the second one and 1st baseman Maezono catches it and throws it back to the base. What a brilliant performance from Sawamura and his team game plan. Now it is three out Sedou’s ace fought well for his team. We will see what will Amahisa respond with next time.

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