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Bard Of Blood update, Cast, And Other Details

Bard of Blood Netflix

Bard of Blood is a new upcoming Indian Netflix Original series which is coming to the streaming platform soon. This show is based on the book by the same name which is written by Bilal Siddiqi. Bilal’s action-packed novel is been turned into a Netflix series. It has a story that is bound to grip fans from the beginning and it has cast of one of the biggest names from Indian cinema and TV.

This Netflix adaptation of Bard of Blood will be releasing on 27 September which is a Friday. It will have a total of seven episodes, all seven of which will be available at once. Bard of Blood is the latest Indian series to arrive on Netflix, which is following the footsteps of Sacred Games, Delhi Crime, Typewriter and Selection Day. Bard of Blood won’t be available on other streaming platforms such as Hulu, Amazon Prime or Sky.

Bard of Blood

Emraan Hashmi in Bard of Blood

As for the story, it is based on the bestselling thriller from the mind of Siddiqi. The synopsis for the show as released by Netflix which goes something like this “An excommunicated RAW agent, Kabir Anand (Emraan Hashmi), a courageous analyst, Isha Khanna (Sobhita Dhulipala), and a sleeper agent, Veer Singh (Vineet Kumar), take on a covert mission in Balochistan when four Indian spies are captured. The mission soon turns south and Kabir Anand must face his demons from the past to end a war before it begins.”

Hashmi, Dhulipala and Kumar are the three main characters. Hashmi is very familiar because of his roles in Mr. X, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai and The Dirty Picture. As for Dhulipala’s biggest role to date came in AmazonPrime series Made in Heaven. Kumar is also a well know actor which has been in a lot of Bollywood movies such as The Brawler, Gangs of Wasseypur and Ugly. The cast includes Shishir Sharma, Danish Husain, Kiri Kulhari and Shaman Ahmed.

If you want, you can watch the trailer of Bard of Blood a month before its update. The trailer is pretty good as it is packed full of explosions, high-octane car chases and plenty of gunshots, the series is bound to keep viewers gripped throughout. Bard of Blood will be released on Netflix on Friday, September 27.