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Pubg Mobile Update 0.15.0 Adds New Features, A New Gun And Bunch Of Other Features

Pubg Mobile
Pubg Mobile (Credits: Tencent)

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world and its fan base growing ever since it was released back in March of 2018. And the hype of the game will only be getting even more with the next update. The upcoming update of PUBG Mobile will be a big one that will be adding new features as well as guns to the game. This update will be arriving on 16 October 2019. The performance of the game has also been improved now it runs smoother. Now it will consume less power and the phones heat up.

Pubg Mobile Update 0.15.0

Pubg Mobile (Credits: Tencent)

PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0 Patch Notes

Down below are the full patch notes of the new update:

Payload Mode (coming soon)

• Comes with new heavy weapons, recall system, a helicopter, Vehicle Repair Pack and Super Weapon Crates! Air Strikes are available, too!

Teammate Recall

• Pick up dead teammates’ ID Cards and revive them at the Communication Tower!

Payload Mode Weapons

• RPG-7
• M3E1-A
• M79 Grenade Launcher
• MGL Grenade Launcher
• M134 Minigun.

Aircraft: Helicopter

• Find helicopters and take them into battle!

Super Weapon Crate

• Spawns regularly and activates after 3 minutes. Contains airdrop weapons, Lv. 3 armor, Payload Mode weapons and more!

Vehicle Repair Pack

• Fixes vehicle damage and tires.

Air Strike Beacon

• Calls in air strikes.

Survive Till Dawn

• Modified skybox, colors and background objects. “”Halloweenized”” monsters.

• Added a hostile human faction in abandoned factories and strongholds. Defeat them to get better rewards.

• Killing zombies grants special bio-warfare equipment that is effective against zombies and other players.

New Features

Ledge Grab

• Climb between buildings and containers to reach previously inaccessible places.

• Tap jump, then jump again at the right timing in midair.

Fuel Drums

• When hit by bullets or throwables, fuel drums explode and damage nearby players. Available on all maps.

New Firearms and Vehicles

Desert Eagle

• It will be available on all maps

• Highest damage and a muzzle velocity of all pistols.

• Deals 62 damage. Can be attached with Mira Red Dot, Holographic Sight, magazines, and Laser Sight to improve shoulder-firing.

• Fires .45 ACP ammo. Default magazine fits 7 rounds (can be extended to 10).

BRDM-2 Amphibious Armored Vehicle

• Resilient and capable of traversing water.

• Equipped with bulletproof tires.

• Reduces damage taken.

• Can be called in only with the Flare Gun. Replaces Armored UAZ.


• Can leave graffiti on any objects on the battlefield.

– Up to 4 types can be carried into battle. Change Graffiti combo in the inventory menu.

Added a slot for eye gear

• After the update, spectacles and face masks will not be sharing the same slot. Masks that do not cover the eyes can be equipped together with a pair of spectacles.

Added official replies when players submit reports

– An official reply will be sent to players after successfully reporting in-game violations. The message will be sent to a wider range of recipients as the test progresses.

Improvements Firearms


• Reduced the initial recoil in burst mode.

• Improved long-distance firing by reducing damage fall-off.

• Can be equipped with a tactical stock.


• Reduced base damage from 34 to 31.

• Fires 9mm ammo. Base magazine capacity changed from 13/25 to 19/33.


• Renamed UMP9 to UMP45. Uses 0.45ACP ammo.

• Base magazine capacity changed from 30/40 to 25/35. Reduced initial bullet speed.

• Modified firing sound.


• Can be equipped with a tactical stock.

Attachment Consolidation

• Combined pistol and SMG attachments.

• Combined Bullets Loops for Shotguns,

• Win94 and Kar98k into one attachment.

• Pistols can be attached with Holographic Sight.


• Fixed loading issues for better combat experience,

• Optimized weapon-loading logic to cut stuttering when players come into view.

• Reduced main thread CPU usage to cut overheating.

• Improved graphics and smoothness on lower-end devices.


• Improved weapons/outfits graphics and texturing, modeling and lighting.

• Enhanced lighting and shadow in Main Menu.


• When the cameral-controlling finger performs an action, the screen-controlling feature of the joystick is disabled. When the finger is lifted, the feature is enabled again. This reduces control errors when using scope, improving firing experience.

Poses and emotes

• Gun-holding pose varies with gun type.

• Weapons carried in backpack as shown in Main Menu emote are displayed when such an emote is played in battle.


• The setting to hide backpack and helmet is saved on the server and remains effective even if the device is changed.

Partner pose

• All players can choose one of the existing partner poses.


• Reduced the time needed to create and enter rooms. Room owner decides if a password is needed for creating a room.

Darkest Night

• It will be taken offline for tuning.

Other new contents

• added FPP Training Ground
• added Rookie Missions
• added Partner rewards
• added a tab for messages from players
• added a gift-giving animation
• added grenade finishes
• added parachuting and gliding items
• added close-up views when trying on outfits in the Shop
• added vouchers
• added achievements

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