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My Hero Academia Chapter 289 Latest News

My Hero Academia

A large plane flying to Jaku City the passenger asks the pilot if they have arrived yet since he knows that he was supposed to arrive within 5 minutes. The pilot replies that it is the best she can do or if she was a Hero she would have done it in 5 Minutes. She to calm down and relax since his body has not fully recovered. The passenger told the pilot that he doesn’t care about his life there are people who are in danger out there. As Gigantomachia is sprinting at 100kmph the Heroes tries to stop him from reaching Nabato City.

Gigantomachia is destroying the buildings and the Heroes has noticed that if Machia reaches the next town the citizens’ life will be in danger. Only five km and 8 minutes left for him to reach an evacuation zone in the vicinity meanwhile, Skeptic notices that the Heroes are approaching Gigantomachia from his laptop. Mr. Compress says is convenient and Skeptic admits there aren’t as many satellites in the vicinity compared to the Villa, but it is still a serviceable amount for him to work with.

My Hero Academia Chapter 289 Recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 289 will be released on Sunday, 1 November 2020. The new chapters of My Hero Academia is released every Sunday. Unfortunately, the spoilers of chapter 289 are not yet released. Note that this manga sometimes changes its weekly release schedule. Let’s take a look at what happens below

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Previously on My Hero Academia Chapter 288

Skeptic starts talking about their plan for their arrival, Mr. Compress saw something and tells Skeptic to zoom in.  They find out that it is Uravity and Froppy moving through the city. Himiko Toga saw Uravity and Froppy and heads towards to Mr. Compress to give her back her gear. Mr. Compress gave  Himiko her gear and she prepares to face them and Mr. Compress to try to stop her. He told her it is too dangerous. Himiko reminds him that she wants to know the truth about her feelings.

Mr. Compress continues to convince her and asks Dabi for help. Himiko refuses to listen and told Skeptic to be ready. Spinner told her that she is not the only one upset about Twice’s death. He reminds her that their group was what Twice considered a family, and Tomura would probably like to see them all together. After heartfelt conservation, Himiko smiles at him.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Uravity reports Gigantomachia is on her sight and they must quickly evacuate the citizens. She meets up with Froppy she saves her from getting crushed by a piece of debris. Suddenly, an old woman yells out to the two Heroes saying that her husband is still sleeping and he can’t move. Suddenly Gigantomachia getting close and Uravity orders Froppy to get the civilians to safety while she helps the old woman. Later Uravity discovers that the old woman is Himiko Toga in disguise which shocks her.

Himiko reveals that she had hoped to talk with Froppy since she considers her a friend and Deku as she loves it when he is injured. She also reveals that she likes Uravity and asks what will she do as she pins her to the ground carrying a knife. Uravity told her that she wants to save civilians and if she stops her she will arrest her.  Himiko merely glares at her in response.

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