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Funimation And Hulu Sign A Multi-Year Deal

funimation hulu deal

You must have learned this already that FUNimation Entertainment discarded its deal with Crunchyroll and now they have signed a new contract with Hulu. The agreement will allow Hulu to show anime that is licensed by Funimation. The deal will start in 2019, and it will benefit Hulu to get Funimation’s new shows in the United States.

Lisa Holme, who is Hulu’s VP of content acquisition, has told that Hulu plans to acquire more than 20 series, both subbed and dubbed annually. There is an existing deal between the two already, and Hulu provides some famous anime such as Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia.

The companies have teased that this deal will help gain a broader range of audience. Funimation is mainly focused on anime but, streaming on Hulu would allow more viewers to it. This deal is just another big step for the anime shows in general. It is always expanding and has everlasting future. Eric Berger, who is the chief digital officer of Funimation’s parent company Sony Pictures Television, said, “By acquiring titles for a larger footprint, you can look for some stronger titles and ultimately be a better partner for anime studios in Japan.”

Funimation ended its deal with Crunchyroll on November 9. Funimation president and CEO Gen Fukunaga revealed that the choice to end the partnership was because of its take-over by Sony Pictures Television Networks in 2017, as Sony is investing in Funimation to turn it into a “global sub and dub anime brand.”

This deal will have a significant impact on the anime industry because now it has a much bigger platform. Crunchyroll was all about anime but, Hulu is vast and has a range of other shows and films. So, when the product gets a bigger platform, it will grow at a faster rate.