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Ben Affleck Refers To Marvel President Kevin Feige As A Genius! “The Greatest Producer Ever Lived” Ben Affleck States

Ben Affleck Refers To Marvel President Kevin Feige As A Genius! "The Greatest Producer Ever Lived" Ben Affleck States

Marvel Studios, a company which is on the road to ever-expanding its structure and presence with bringing in more and more talented names to join and expand the shared universe of Marvel characters, and they are not stopping anytime soon with the upcoming phase 4, which as per Kevin Feige will kind off be oversaturated. Still, every content with its own unique quality to offer to the masses, whether watching on small screens or the big screens at theatres. On the other hand, Marvel’s competitors Warner Bros. and DCEU for the past decade have been struggling to keep up the pace when it comes to their shared universe of DC Characters.

Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe struggled earlier with their dark tone. However, they picked up the pace with a tone shift in movies like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam that gave a storyline similar to Marvel in nature. The company still struggles with its continuity and issues on the set with actors backing down from projects. Yes, we are talking about Ray Fisher who has been in a war with Warner Media and DC Officials when he revealed that he was mistreated on the sets of 2017s Justice League by director Joss Whedon who has led to Fisher leaving DC’s all future projects he was planned to join in.

Ben Affleck Refers To Marvel President Kevin Feige As A Genius! "The Greatest Producer Ever Lived" Ben Affleck States

Another actor who stepped down from being a lead actor in a DC movie was none other than DCEU’s Batman, played by Ben Affleck, who, mainly because of the lack of success of DC’s Extended Universe, stepped down from the project. Thus, the studio had to create a completely different storyline and the universe for Batman’s character, which Robert Pattinson will now play in the upcoming The Batman (2022).

Comparisons are supposed to take place as both the companies are big superhero franchises, and today, after Marvel’s success, the franchise is the medium that thrives in theatres. Recently, Ben Affleck sat on an interview and talked about DC’s competitor Marvel and applauded Marvel’s President Kevin Feige, for being a genius and building an empire and a new trend that has influenced cinemas. Here we are talking about everything Ben Affleck had to say about Kevin Feige in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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Ben Affleck On Kevin Feige Being A Genius

Ben Affleck, The Batman of DCEU, recently sat on an interview with The Hollywood Reporter for their latest Awards Chatter Podcast episode where he talked about Kevin Feige being the most successful producer today and how he has managed to build an empire that has heavily influenced cinema today.

Ben Affleck Refers To Marvel President Kevin Feige As A Genius! "The Greatest Producer Ever Lived" Ben Affleck States


Ben Affleck called Kevin Feige the greatest producer that has ever lived by claiming that if Kevin Feige ever told him, “I know what the audience wants, and we are doing it,” Affleck would believe him 100% and would do it in a heartbeat. Ben Affleck stated that Feige is the only producer who knows what the audience wants better than any producer globally, comparing him as the ringmaster of the entertainment world. Affleck explained how Feige knows when to pull the audience’s heartstrings, how to do the effects, how many jokes are required, and what sensibility and tone are needed.

We have to admit that DC’s own Batman is a huge Marvel fan, and we don’t know if he is eager to make a shift there sometime in the future. Remember the time Affleck did a Marvel movie as Daredevil that failed miserably and lost the confidence of fans but Feige in 2015 brought the character back in Netflix’s Marvel web-series Daredevil and managed to win the audience back with the brilliant dark storyline and acting royalty from Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock also known as Daredevil.

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So yes, we agree with the eagerness and Ben Affleck’s huge praise towards Marvel President Kevin Feige because Marvel is a huge empire at the moment in the entertainment industry that has influenced a lot of other studios to create a shared universe of their own and a new trend of the big franchise has begun. Tom Hanks, one of the biggest superstars in the world, also said in an interview that Marvel Studios are the only ones at the moment that are saving theatres from the new streaming environment because their huge franchise movies are meant for bigger screens. All the studios tend to follow that direction.

Ben Affleck Refers To Marvel President Kevin Feige As A Genius! "The Greatest Producer Ever Lived" Ben Affleck States

Anyway, apart from this, Marvel, even after a whole year of zero releases, kept the fans invested with their phase 4 announcements and has thus released its first project of Phase 4 in the form of the web series starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany titled Wanda Vision that is now streaming on the Disney Plus and received heavy praise for its experimentation with sitcom-style which Marvel had never done before and was applauded for the leadership by Kevin Feige and as per Feige this kind of different content will be seen in all the upcoming projects including the likes of Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier, She-Hulk, Hawkeye, Moon Knight and many more.

DC and Warner Bros., on the other hand, are gearing up for the upcoming highly anticipated Justice League’s Directors Cut revisioned by Zack Snyder that will be arriving on HBO Max soon in 2021. We will keep you updating on all the news relating to Marvel and DC projects, so stay tuned to Otakukart News.

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