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The Rock Wants To Fight The Thor In a Crossover Movie

One of the two top actors of Hollywood, Chris Hemsworth, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson to go against each other in a crossover movie? This possibility is currently a hot topic on the internet right now. Recently, the Reck has challenged Chris Hemsworth to a showdown in a Fast & Furious and Marvel’s Thor crossover film. The hype is real her as if it becomes true then fans will get to see the God of Thunder, Thor go toe to toe against Hobbs.

In a recent episode of The Titan Games, the Rock pitched the idea of having Hobbs from Fast and Furious fight against Thor and demanded the reactions of the audiences present over there. There were cheering all over the place which makes it clear that fans are fond of the idea as well.

While hosting he said, that he knew the reason behind Chirs’ likeliness for his Thor costume and said while holding a hammer, that he can feel the immense power which comes when you yield a hammer like that, then he asked the audience their opinions if they do a Thor and Fast & Furious movie. A movie where The God of Thunder, Thor will be stopped by the real God of Thunder, he added.

He also shared a tweet where he expressed that he specializes in having crazy ideas which the whole world could enjoy and thereby called out Marvel Studios’ Boss, Kevin Feige urging him to “make this happen.” To this, Chris Hemsworth responded on Twitter by sharing a hilarious picture and beneath it, he wrote, that by hitting the floor, the Rock must have meant the dance floor and says that he is in.

For more updates on this development, stay tuned to Otakukart.

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