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Netflix’s Space Sweepers – First Trailer Revealed For The Korean Space Opera Film! Trailer Breakdown And More About The Film!

Netflix's Space Sweepers - First Trailer Revealed For The Korean Space Opera Film! Trailer Breakdown And What To Expect!

So, it here, as our sister website Otakukart Home previously reported, Netflix was bound to bring a new K-movie titled “Space Sweepers” that is all set to give you a lot of “Firefly” and “Guardians Of The Galaxy” vibes this year and is coming on 5th of February 2021. Now the space opera film has its own official trailer here and out. As we said before, the movie might receive a lot of attention on its very first day of streaming due to the popularity of stars joining in that includes the likes of Descendents of the Sun’s Song Joong Ki, The Handmaiden’s Kim Tae Ri, Extreme Job’s Jin Seon Kyu, and Intimate Stranger’s Yu Hae Jin.

Directed by Jo Sung-Hee, the movie was pretty much having a huge buzz because it was South Korea’s first big-budget film. Still, because of the Covid-19 crisis, the release dates were constantly pushed here and there, but now, as it is set to arrive in the very first week of February and the OTT giant has also given a glimpse of the sci-fi film by dropping an official trailer that gives a hell of Firefly and Guardians Of The Galaxy vibes. So here we are, breaking down the official trailer of Netflix’s Space Sweepers.

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Netflix’s Space Sweepers – Official Trailer

According to the plot, Netflix’s “Space Sweepers” is set in 2029, where the humans have left the earth and fled into space and will see the members of a space crew called The Victory who collect space garbage for money. They soon meet an android girl named Dorothy, who might be hell-bent on the mass destruction of the universe.

The Official synopsis of Space Sweepers says that after catching a crashed spaceship, the crew members of The Victory come across an android human girl wanted by UTS Space Guards due to the fact she is a weapon of mass destruction, and the crew soon plan an exchange of ransom for the girl. Netflix has recently shared the first trailer for the Korean space opera thriller, visually stunning and reminds you of Ready Player One’s trailer. You can check out our trailer breakdown below.

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Netflix’s Space Sweepers – Trailer Breakdown

So from the trailer, all we can see first is the huge production value used to make this movie visually stunning and so damn attractive in itself. Anyway, moving on, the first thing we notice in the trailer is the film clearly stating that it is 2029, and the earth has now become inhabitable, which has led the humans to flee away and settle in distant space. We soon the first glimpse of our starring crew of The Victory in the roles of Tae-ho, Captain Jang, Tiger Park, and a robot voiced by Yoo Hae-jin, which may pretty much remind you of K-2SO from the Star Wars franchise.

So we see our space crew, The Victory, on different adventures as they collect space debris for money and living, and soon, on one of their missions, they encounter a little android girl who, as told by the news, is considered a weapon of mass destruction. So we are set to see this group of misfits, yes, just like Marvel’s Guardians Of Galaxy, who might save the universe just in time.

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Release Date, Cast, And More On Netflix’s Space Sweepers

Netflix’s Space Sweepers is directed by Jo Sung-hee, who has directed many box office hits, including A Werewolf Boy, Phantom Detective, and End of Animal, among many while Yoon Seung-min, Yoo-Kang Seo-ae, and Jo Sung-hee have handled the writing duties. The movie’s shoot began in July 2019 and wrapped up in November 2019, when Covid-19 began, and because Korea is closest to China, the movie had to be kept on hold.

Netflix's Space Sweepers - First Trailer Revealed For The Korean Space Opera Film! Trailer Breakdown And What To Expect!

Korean entertainment has been thriving for the past decade, which has led Netflix to start two new production studio in South Korea leading to create more Korean content for the beloved audience and Space Sweepers is the first big-budget production coming from the country, which also involves a hugely popular cast as we mentioned above which includes Song Joong-ki (Descendents of the Sun, The Werewolf) as the pilot of the Victory’s spaceship named Tae-ho who will be joined by Kim Tae-Ri who is known for movies like The Handmaiden and  Mr. Sunshine in the role of Ship Captain Jang along with Jin Seon-kyu (Extreme Job, Money) as Tiger Park and Yoo Hae-jin voicing the robot. Richard Armitage will also join the cast in an unspecified role.

Netflix’s Space Sweepers is set to release on February 5, 2021, only on Netflix in South Korea, along with 190 countries throughout the globe. We will keep you updating more on Korean entertainment along with news on anime, TV shows, movies, and gaming, so stay tuned to Otakukart News.

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