Best Of Shailene Woodley’s Movies That Will Make You Appreciate Her

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Shailene Woodley has played wonderful characters in many movies. She has mesmerized the audience with her performance. When we talk about her, names of movies like The Fault In Our Stars or The Descendants flash in front of our eyes. Apart from being a successful actress in Hollywood, Shailene is also a film producer. If you are a Shailene Woodley fan, then here are some of the movies you should not miss. There are various films and series she has worked in. But here is the list of some movies where her performance won the hearts of the audience. Moreover, those who have not seen her work should check out the movies that are mentioned further.

1. The Fault In Our Stars(2014)

This movie is based on a novel of the same name, The Fault In Our Stars. Furthermore, Shailene Woodley has excellently played her part, Hazel. She is cast against Ansel Elgort, who is the lead male character. The story of Hazel and Augustus is very sentimental and heart-touching. Both these characters suffer from cancer and try to make the best of their lives. Augustus helps Hazel to meet her favorite author and completes her dream. Moreover, the way this story runs has made us fall in love with Shailene Woodley as well. She has brought up the very relatable emotions. Furthermore, Augustus always tries to keep the mood light and happy. 

2. The Descendants(2011)

This is yet another movie where you can adore Shailene Woodley. Firstly, this comedy-drama film was released in 2011 by Fox Searchlight Pictures. In The Descendants, Shailene Woodley shares the screen with George Clooney, Beau Bridges, Nick Krause, and many other wonderful actors. George Clooney plays the character Matt King and Shailene enacts as Alexandra King. The story shows how some unexpected events occur in the life of Matt King. Since it is a family drama, it has all sorts of emotions alongside laughter. There is a lot of commotion that goes into the King family. Apparently, everyone comes to happy terms in the end. It will be a good watch if you are into family drama and humor. 

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3. Divergent(2014)

Who has not heard about the Divergent series!? It is one of the most famous movies starring Shailene Woodley. Divergent is a 2014 sci-fi action movie based on a novel with a similar name. We can see her sporting some action sequences in this series. Moreover, her character Tris is loved by everyone. The fascinating yet bizarre division of society in the future is shown in this movie. Apparently, Shailene’s character, Tris, falls under a special category of Divergents. However, she has her own challenges to face and save others from evil as well. In the movie Divergent, Shailene is shown to be very courageous and determined to find her purpose. 

4. The Spectacular Now(2013)

If you are looking for a romantic high school drama, then The Spectacular Now is the best choice. Shailene Woodley is starred alongside Miles Teller, who appear to have very different characters in the movie. Firstly, Miles is in the role of Sutter, who is a popular high school guy. Apparently, he is more into partying and drinking. On the other hand, Shailene plays Aimee’s role, who is a very polite and simple girl. However, when their paths cross, the story takes a turn, and their lives are no longer the same. They sure fall in love quickly, and their relationship gets serious. Unfortunately, Sutter’s alcoholism causes them some problems and even lead to Aimee’s accident. This movie is one of the beautiful romantic drama Shailene has worked in. 

5. Snowden(2016)

Even if the movie is not as popular, Shailene’s acting is pretty appreciable in Snowden. This movie is based on a real-life story, basically the biography of Edward Snowden. He was a whistleblower who leaked and exploited the high-class information of the CIA. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing the part of Edward Snowden. Moreover, Shailene Woodley is in the role of Lindsey Mills, who is Snowden’s love interest. Apparently, they have very different ideologies but manage to have a close relationship with one another. Shailene has tried something other than teenage drama and action in this movie. However, Snowden went underappreciated, but it is worth a watch.

6. White Bird In A Blizzard(2014)

This is a mystery thriller with lots of complicated twists in the story. White Bird In A Blizzard is not much-talked-about but is a very interesting movie. Shailene Woodley is playing the part of Katrina Connors, who is about to move to the college. The story opens with Kat’s mom, Eve disappearing mysteriously when Kat is 17. Her parents seem to have a rough relationship, and they were not on good terms. Kat suspects that her dad, Brock, might know about her mom but is hiding from her. On her way back during college break, Katrina gets to know about her dad seeing someone else, and that’s when she starts having doubts. This is one of Shailene Woodley’s wonderful thriller movies. 


So these are some of the Shailene Woodley movies that you should definitely watch. She is actually a versatile actress and has played her parts with precision in every movie. You will surely enjoy every bit of the above-mentioned films.

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