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Attack on Titan Chapter 115And Spoilers: Is Levi Ackerman Dead?

Picture: Production IG/ Wit Studio (Trailor Grabs) AOT trailer gives us first look at Levi-centric story and reveals air date

Attack on Titan dropped its 114th chapter last week, and as always, it was a spectacle. I enjoyed reading the chapter as it revealed a lot about Zeke’s past. Some stuff was confusing to me when it came to Zeke. We didn’t know whether he did do what had to be done to survive if he sided with Marley when he was a kid.

This chapter cleared everything. Grisha and his wife were being too naive, and everyone already knew of their plans. So, Zeke had to do what he felt was right. The doctor also advised him on what to do, and he did so without any second thought. What’s more is that in the present, we saw Levi and Zeke traveling even now. As we know, Zeke had a bomb tied to his neck and thrust in his gut.

Levi warned him if he moved, he will blow himself up. Knowing that he won’t do it, Levi sat near him and chopped his limbs at every opportunity that he got.

However, that turned out to be a big mistake. Zeke blew himself up, thinking that it is a mercy to himself, and even Levi. This is very shocking, and we’ll now move to the events of Attack on Titan Chapter 115. As I mentioned earlier, Levi is heavily injured now, and there are even those who claim that he’s dead.

However, I don’t think that’s the case. I do believe Levi is seriously injured and may have lost a leg. This would severely nerf him in the future, but for now, he has to look for ways to survive. He’s still too far away from where he wants to be.

To survive, either we have to have a miscalculation and Levi is fine, or he may be dying here, or Levi will have to eat Zeke and gain the power of the Beast Titan for himself. This is all very weird to me. If he was moving towards Shinganshina, then maybe Mikasa and Armin could think of something to save him. For now, Levi’s future looks bleak.

Attack on Titan Chapter 115 will come out officially next month on 9th March 2019.